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The Stealth Bracelet is a Tools gadget of the Legendary rarity introduced in the 11.1.0 update.


The Stealth Bracelet is a blue bracelet consisting of 4 golden parts, a metal part and a glowing part with a silver frame. On the side of the glowing part there is three orange buttons. On the face, there is a yellow electric player icon.


Upon activation, the bracelet will make you turn invisible for a limited amount of time, though it does not make you completely invisible. Instead, it replaces your presence with white, mist-like particles instead, therefore making you much more difficult to locate and more difficult to attack. Use this for offensive, defensive, and evasive purposes.

A player holding the Stealth Bracelet (in the Armory).

The same effect can be found in weapons such as the Sword of Shadows or the Laser Ninja.



  • Use the duration of the invisibility to place traps around the battlefield, such as Demoman sticky bombs or Smile Mine. Do this most commonly around tight corners where your opponents won't have time to react.
  • Use the Stealth Bracelet as a means of making quick getaways. A good way to do this is when you round a corner or duck underneath something on the map.
  • Become invisible to make it harder for opponents to hit you.
  • While invisible, Turrets and Guardians are unable to detect you, so use this to kill them efficiently without taking damage.
  • Using the Stealth Bracelet in Flag Capture is efficient whether you're trying to capture flags or trying to defend yours.
  • Use in Point Capture, so your enemies can't easily hit you, while you can use the time to finish capturing points.
  • Hit and run tactics with this gadget are very efficient.
  • Enemies in Arena and Campaign are unable to see/pursue you while this gadget is active, so use it to get away from enemies in the case of emergencies.
  • Use this with the Dark Force Saber or any other high mobility weapon, and you'll almost be impossible to hit.
  • This gadget is much more effective in brighter maps, such as the Pool Party, as in darker maps, such as Night Pool, the white particles will be much more visible to opponents.
  • Never stop moving, so that the enemy has a hard time hitting you.
  • Great for duels to dodge your enemy's bullets.
  • Don't use it in dark and narrow maps, especially in long corridors like Silent School. You would become a good target for more points. Use it in open and light maps like Nuclear City.
  • Jump around with this gadget because it is very difficult for someone to hit you if you are constantly moving.
  • Avoid using this gadget in front of a Flamethrower or Melee weapon user, as you can easily be chipped because of their fast fire rate and large spread.


  • Enemies who use the gadget can be identified by a cluster of white specks. Keep a close eye out for them, especially around corners or in hidden areas. Use Area Damage or shotgun weapons to maximize your chance of dealing damage to an invisible player.
  • Use the Third Eye, or any weapons with X-Ray Vision X-RayVision.png, so you can feel its users' presence, but it won't help you shoot accurately as it won't mark the players in red.
  • Get up close to the enemy, and use an Area Damage or Shooting in Three Directions weapon to deal damage.
  • Use Area Damage weapons or any weapon that provides bullet spread (such as shotgun weapons). The range of ammo for these kinds of weapons makes it easier to catch invisible enemies.
  • Use a gadget with the Homing Missile attribute; these are able to detect and follow these enemies.
  • The Target Mark attribute is able to mark these enemies with a red triangle above their head. Use weapons such as the Battle Falcon to inflict this upon invisible users.
  • The Voodoo Snowman is still able to hit invisible enemies. Use this to catch one if searching for them doesn't go well.
  • Weapons with extended range, such as flamethrower-like weapons, are able to search out invisible enemies and deal out fast, rapid damage.
  • Using weapons with the Gadget Block attribute will be able to counter this.
  • Using weapons with the Target Marking or Enemy Detecting effect will also work.
  • A Disabler can make the Stealth Bracelet unable to be used. So if your opponent is about to use it, it's ideal to stop them in their tracks with the Disabler before they can use it.
  • Negative effects like burning, poison, bleed, and many others will expose its users.
  • If low on ammo, deal with the user when the invisibility wears off because it is very hard to hit them.
  • Use weapons and gadgets with a large hitbox to counter this, such as the Ninja Shurikens or heavy weapons.
  • The hitbox of the enemy is shrunken when they are using this gadget.
  • Sometimes the best option when your opponent uses this gadget is to just run away.
  • Check if you can see their name-tag, if they don't shoot them or run away.



Cooldown Time
Initial Tier 41 Seconds 6 Seconds
Tier 1 40 Seconds 7 Seconds
Tier 2 39 Seconds 9 Seconds
Tier 3 38 Seconds 10 Seconds
Tier 4 37 Seconds 12 Seconds
Tier 5 36 Seconds 13 Seconds
Tier 6 35 Seconds 14 Seconds
Tier 7 34 Seconds 15 Seconds
Tier 8 33 Seconds 16 Seconds
Tier 9 32 Seconds 17 Seconds
Tier 10 31 Seconds 18 Seconds
Tier 11 30 Seconds 19 Seconds



  • Initial release.


  • This is also known as Invisibility Bracelet.
  • The Sword of Shadows can be used as an alternative to this gadget.
  • This gadget replaced the Stealth Potion upon its introduction.
  • The Stealth Bracelet bears a similar appearance and function to the Invis Watch from Team Fortress 2.
  • Killing an invisible player gives you an "Invisible Kill".
  • While in the Armory, if you click the icon for the Stealth Bracelet and watch your character, they will have a small little scene with the gadget.
    • They will spin the Gadget around, before tapping the screen, and strangest of all, make the gadget itself disappear, before holding up both hands, the device gone as if it were a magic trick. After a few seconds, however, the gadget will eventually reappear.
  • This is the only gadget that can help you finish the objective named "Eliminate rivals while invisible" in clan war or while doing Battle Pass challenges.
  • When used, you can still be easily seen because of the white particles (although sonmewhat hard to see, as they blend in certain maps).
  • It is very popular among 3 category spammers.

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