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Put on a bowler, curl your mustache, and get ready for the next battle. True gentlemen choose steampunk and not lasers.

—Weapon's description in Gallery

The Steampunk Fists is a Melee weapon introduced in the 13.2.0 update.


It is a pair of large, red, orange and gold fists that attack the opponent in a close range. It deals decent damage, it has a good attack speed and high mobility.


It is a reskin of the Power Fists. It has golden, bronze, silver, red details on the fist, and the knuckles are silver. They cover up both of the user's entire arms.


These fists are equipped on the player's hands like how people wear gloves, so this weapon isn't held, unlike most weapons. When attacking, the player punches using one fist, one after the other. Since this is a Melee weapon, the damage to the opponent is only affected in close range.



  • The fists attacks hit enemies slightly farther than a regular melee weapon.
  • Use it like the Power Fists.
  • This can also be used as a mobility weapon because of its 85 mobility.


  • Use snipers or high DPS weapons such as the Golden Friend while strafing to deal damage while taking minimal damage.
  • Due to its ability to hit targets a bit farther away than the usual Melee weapon range, stay far enough to take no damage.
  • Rocket jump away from these users.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Have a long-ranged weapon such as those from the Primary or Sniper category.



  • The Steampunk Fists is released into the game.


  • The weapon was nerfed, taking 4 punches to kill. Its clan counterpart, the Power Fists, was also nerfed.


  • Damage increased by 15%.


  • This weapon is a reskin of the Power Fists, but steampunk-styled. Since it is buyable in the Armory, it can be used as an alternative to the Power Fists.
  • This Weapon is only obtainable via Trader's Van currently.
  • This weapon was removed from the Armory on an unknown date.
    • However it was added back.

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