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Storm of All Seas, also commonly abbreviated as SOAS, is a Heavy weapon that is introduced in the 16.9.0 update. It could be obtained by completing all the 6 Thanksgiving challenges from the Thanksgiving Season Battle Pass.


It is a large, pirate-themed exoskeleton that shoots two bombs from the pirate cannons at once, it is capable of being a 1-2 shot kill. It has high efficiency damage, an average fire rate of 64, a really low capacity of 4 and the lowest mobility of 30. It also has the ability to bleed enemy players.


It is aesthetically similar to the Demolition Exoskeleton, with the guns extending over the shoulders which unfortunately take up parts of the screen except it shoots two shots at once rather than four. In place of a remote controller, there is a ship’s helm which the player holds. The backpack itself is the back of a red chair that appears in the captain’s quarters on some pirate ships.


This pirate-themed exoskeleton shoots two bombs at once that are capable of one-shotting a fully armored player with high Modules. It has very low mobility but despite that, its performance makes up for that mobility. The bombs have area damage and as a matter of fact, the splash damage radius is huge. Moreover, it has a bleeding effect, which makes the affected opponent(s) temporarily lose extra health. Finally, the bombs of this weapon have looping shot and medium bullet travel time, so don't use this weapon for long range due to it's poor accuracy.

When reloading, the player opens the cannons and puts bombs inside them. This weapon currently does not have any delay mechanics, which can be used for Three Category Spam.


It deals very high damage, a decent fire rate and a low capacity of 4 and a very low mobility of 30. It makes up for the low mobility with a huge splash damage radius.


  • Use this against multiple targets due to its area damage.
  • Try not to flee using this weapon, since it is quite cumbersome.
  • Keep your shots count as wasting ammo is not recommended.
  • Use the bleeding to your advantage, as this gives way to other teammates finishing the enemy being afflicted by such an effect easily.
  • Use this weapon to Rocket Jump (PG3D) but pre-jump before shoot down so you won't take damage.
  • Do not attempt to Rocket Jump (PG3D) with this weapon without doing a usual jump before shooting, or you'll get a lot of damage.
  • Always reload since it has 4 ammo.
  • Try to guess the right timing while shooting to hit an opponent with 2 rockets instead of one, because it will deal higher damage.
  • Because of the big Area damage that this weapon gives, take advantage of this attribute against mutliple enemies at once.
  • This can be used for Three Category Spam.


  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • Attack its users while he/she is reloading.
  • If you are stuck in a sticky situation, you can take advantage of its low mobility and outrun the user with even a weapon with 65 mobility.
  • Using a Jetpack would be helpful escaping as your opponents will have a hard time hitting you directly if you're flying with a jetpack due to its Looping Shot attribute.


Information Image
  • Name: North Pole Crusader
  • Cost: Obtainable from the Trader's Van, cost depends on level
  • Grade: Legendary
  • Released: 20.0.0

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Equip a long-ranged weapon, such as a Sniper.

Use a powerful primary, such as the Golden Friend.

Equip a High mobility melee, Such as Double Cashback



  • Initial release.


  • Its damage was slightly nerfed. Making it a 2 shot kill without high modules and wear.


  • 9/25/2020- It was brought back as part of Community Van for 375 gems.


  • It was brought back again for a Thanksgiving van, along with the other Thanksgiving battlepass weapons.


  • Its area damage has been nerfed along with all area damage weapons, it also returned in the Christmas Trader's Van for Gem.png and received a skin.
  • The looping shot appears to have been removed in the mythic bundle.


  • At 30 mobility, it is tied with the Missile Thrower and Heavy Machine Gun for the lowest mobility in the game.
  • The way it is shaped is quite similar to those of Sniper Exoskeleton and Demolition Exoskeleton.
  • The firing sound is similar to Big B's Oven.
  • The steering wheel is not a trigger, as it is for aiming the cannons.
  • When firing the bombs shoot in an arc which has a hidden effect: Looping Shot.
  • This weapon was available in realistic mode despite not being realistic at all. It was removed later though.
  • When you equip this weapon, it removes the cape from your back, possibly it does not have enough room to fit a cape on the player's back when you equip this weapon.
  • It cannot be used in Free Play due to it being an exoskeleton related weapon.
  • This is one of the few exoskeleton type weapons that is not in the exoskeleton set.
  • For some reason, this weapon's kill icon is similar to the Big Buddy (PG3D) and the Circus Cannon. Though the kill icon strongly resembles the Clockwork Cannon more than the other 2 weapons.

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