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The Sun Eater is a Special weapon introduced in the 21.0.0 update.


It is a special weapon of the Mythical grade, introduced in the 21.0.0 updated and is obtainable from the Super Lottery. It's stream beam deals high damage with decent capacity and average mobility. Along with it's base damage, the Sun Eater has the capability to block opponent's ability to jump and slows down enemies hit with the Sun Eater.


Very similar in design to the Ferocious Poleaxe, the Sun Eater appears to be a double bladed axe with a miniature sun between the blades. The blades are silver with the inner part colored black. A row of small, silver/white teeth like spikes can also be seen on the inner layer of each blade. The axe handle is red, with a circle of gold at the bottom, with a grey butt at the bottom, resembling a wolf.


Like all stream beam StreamBeam.png weapons, it needs to be charged first before shooting. Once charged, it shoots out a yellow laser beam with medium range and will damage anyone in its way and applying the SlowsDownTarget.png and DisableJumps.png status effects. A half charge is usually enough to eliminate a person using Developer Armor provided your modules are good enough.

When reloading, the player turns the weapon upside down to feed the wolf with sun and then turns it back upward.

This weapon has fixed delay meaning whenever you switch to this weapon, it always has a pull out animation lasting around half a second



  • Switch to other weapons and then use it again if you want to interrupt its stream beam with ammo left.
  • In hallways or places where there are many enemies, take advantage of this weapon's hidden Piercing Shot attribute, and burn through
  • While shooting the beam, aim at an opponent quickly if the initial shot was released into the air.
  • Don't release the charge in an isolated spot. Release it when you see an opponent.
  • Pick up ammunition often, as it can run out of ammunition fast.
  • Use this weapon to counter enemy players who are strafing or rocket jumping.


  • Pick off the user at long range.
  • Area damage weapons and shotguns can quickly finish users off.
  • Strafe around the user while firing to avoid getting hit.
  • Try to wait until beam has finished, then attack the user when they are vulnerable.
  • It fires a noticeable laser, keep an eye out for the source of the laser as it may indicate the general area of where the user may be.
  • Flank around the user with a shotgun or melee weapon and attack them from behind.
  • Flamethrowers and shotguns can be useful for quickly killing users at close range.
  • Don't be fooled, as despite it's appearance it is not a Melee weapon.


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Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Because of its rather low mobility of 55, it is recommended to bring a weapon with a significantly higher mobility like Double Cashback or Heroic Epee.



  • Initial Release
  • It's idle sound in the armory was updated.


  • This weapon returned again in the traders van.


  • It somewhat resembles the Ferocious Poleaxe.
  • The wolf head on the bottom of the weapon uses the same model as the ones used for the Triple Bite.
    • it is a reference to Hati, a son of Fenrir, who swallowed the sun in Norse Mythology.
      • This explains why there are spikes (teeth) between the axe blades and why the player feeds the wolf head a piece of the sun when reloading.
  • Its sounds are similar to the Restructurer's sounds.
  • For some reason, this weapon cannot be used in Free Play.
  • This weapon would be considered a bio mechanical weapon due to it having organic components and inorganic components.

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