The Super Lottery is a feature that gives player rewards for opening special Lottery chests.



The Super Lottery allows players to spend keys on chests to earn rewards. Each chest costs a different amount of keys. Novice chests are 10 keys, Fighter chests are 50 keys, and Winner chests are 250 keys. If you were to bet for a chest, Novice chests cost 10 gems, Fighter chests cost 39 gems, Winner chests cost 190 gems, and Super chests cost 790 gems.



As of the 18.1.0 update, the system of the Super Lottery has been revered back to it’s former (pre-18.0.0) state.

As of the 18.0.0 update, the system of the Super Lottery works in a completely different manner. For one, a player would have to obtain a sum of 100 keys from winning multiple matches and a sum of 10 king keys from being the first place in most modes 10 times (except in Battle Royale, where they don't have to be first place) to respectively obtain Small Chests and King Chests respectively.

Obtaining coins is no longer possible in modes (although they can still be obtained from minigames), but they are earned from these chests, with around 30 to 40 coins being obtained from the Small Chest and 100 coins from the King Chest.

The Mega Chest is impossible to obtain from earning keys, so one would have to either spend 220 gems or earn it from the Battle Pass. Small and King Chests can also be bought for 30 and 80 gems respectively.

After opening any of the three chests, one can earn 10 card keys from the Small Chest, 30 card keys from the King Chest, or 200 card keys from the Mega Chest. When a player receives a total of 500 card keys, they can open the Super Chest, and once a reward from there is obtained, the card keys progress restarts. Chest Treasury was also added.

Chest Treasury

The Chest Treasury is a shop-like feature introduced in the 18.0.0 update. In the Treasury, the player can buy Small Chests, King Chests and Mega Chests for a certain amount of Gem. Small Chests cost 30 Gem, King Chests cost 80 Gem and Mega Chests are bought for 220 Gem.

As of the 18.1.0 update, this has been removed.


The Former Chest Treasury (removed in 18.1.0)



When in the lobby screen, it can be seen in the upper-right corner with both its icon and the time remaining until the new lottery comes.

On the lottery screen, there are 3 chests that display the number of Key needed to unlock it. If a chest has been earned somewhere else, it will instead display "Available: number of chests owned."

Above the chests, it shows the Super Chest and a points bar. The points bar increases with the chests opened.


As of the 18.1.0 update, this has been reverted back to it’s former (pre 18.0.0) state.

As of the 18.0.0 update, the Super Lottery can no longer be found in a separate screen, but rather under the Map Selection. It shows the progress of the Small Chest (opened by keys), the King Chest (opened by king keys) and the Super Chest (opened by card keys).

List of Lotteries

  • Z-Squad Armory
  • Magic Lottery
  • Super Lottery
  • Krampus Lottery
  • Fighters VS Gunners
  • Dynasty Pi Armory
  • Summer Adventure
  • Halloween Lottery
  • Thanksgiving Super Lottery
  • New Year's Lottery
  • Radioactivia Super Lottery
  • Gladiator Fights
  • Plastic Army
  • Oriental Lottery
  • Homecoming Lottery
  • Black Friday Lottery
  • Alien Lottery
  • Chicken Lottery
  • Mechanist Lottery
  • Deep Dive Lottery
  • Titanic Lottery
  • Game Developer Lottery
  • Exoskeleton Lottery
  • Water Park Lottery

Current Lottery

Water Park Lottery


  • When the 18.0.0 update was released, it significantly change how the Super Lottery worked,
    • However, in the 18.1.0 update, the Super Lottery was reverted back to it’s former state.
  • When a new lottery is released, it may relate to the theme of the new Battle Pass.
  • Previously, the Novice Chest cost 5 Key (then 10 Key), the Fighter Chest 50 Key, and the Winner Chest 500 Key (then 250 Key).
    • Now the lottery have totally changed: 100 common keys for a small chest, 10 king keys for a king chest, and 500 cards for a event chest however this was also reverted in the 18.1.0. update
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