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This article is about the Battle Pass version of the weapon, for its Classic Counterpart see Pixel Gun (PG3D)

The Super Pixel Gun is a Backup weapon introduced in the 21.1.0 update.


The Super Pixel Gun is a Backup weapon of the Legendary grade, introduced in the 21.1.0 update and obtainable in the Community Season Battle Pass. This weapon possess Critical Damage, which means you have a chance of dealing twice as much damage per shot. Along with the Critical Damage, this weapon has "Bonus Revenge Points", meaning bonus points will be received when you kill an opponent who has previously killed you.


It appears to be a Pixel Gun fitted with various gold and black attachments such as a scope, a suppressor, a stock, and a non-working laser aiming module, and golden outlines.


It is a very powerful weapon, due to its high damage combined with a 93 fire rate. When you get a revenge kill with this weapon, you will get extra points due to its unique attribute, and there is a chance for a hit to deal double the damage.



  • Use this in medium-close range.
  • Use this weapon in Duel (PG3D) or Deathmatch (PG3D) as you will get more points by killing the enemy that killed you.


  • This weapon is ineffective at long range, so try to snipe these users at a long distance.
  • Ambush users with a shotgun or Heavy from behind.

Recommended Maps



  • Initial Release


  • This is the first weapon to feature the Bonus revenge points attribute.
  • Like the Pixel Gun, it is based from the 1911A1 handgun with a stock, extended magazine, suppressor, laser sight and a scope.
  • The design is influenced from the Spec Ops Pistol.

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