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This article describes a Pixel Gun World weapon. If you're looking for the same weapon in Pixel Gun 3D, see Swat Rifle (PG3D).

The Swat Rifle is a Primary weapon in Pixel Gun World. It is located in the Primary section of the Armory. It can be upgraded to the Swat Rifle Up1.


It sports forest digital camo and has the distinct top rail of the real life FAMAS. It has a gray pistol grip and its barrel looks like stainless steel. Its body is also its stock, as with all bullpup rifles and shotguns.


It is a rifle with a high rate of fire. Since the rifle does not feature a scope, it is best to stay at medium to close range to avoid wasting ammo. It is also advised that you try hiding in a hidden area with this weapon, then sneak attacking enemies from behind, killing them, and then returning to the spot or finding another.





  • The Swat Rifle is based on the real life French FAMAS F1 bullpup-styled Assault Rifle.
  • It is placed after the AK-48 and the Combat Rifle in the Armory, suggesting a rivalry of sorts, because they are all based on well known guns.
  • The firing sound is very similar to the Marksman firing noise.
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