Not to be confused with the melee weapon; the Sword & Shield.

The Sword and Shield (Decor) is a Decor introduced in the 12.0.0 update.


Current Appearance

It appears as 2 dark wooden barrels, and near the barrels there is a wooden shield with iron borders, and a red dragon symbol, along with the Knight Sword, but with a longer sword tip.

Former Appearance

Looks exactly the same as the current appearance, except that the dragon symbol was white instead of red, and the barrel on the left didn't contain water.


It is used to tremendously reduce the duration of negative effects.


Medieval themed.


  • When they are placed in the lobby, they appear multiple times, and not once.
    • For some reason, this is one of the Decor craft items that have its name in singular form and not in plural form.
  • The Sword and Shield is the first craft item that had a modified appearance.
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