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The System 'Scorpion' is a Heavy weapon added in the 21.7.0 update. It can be obtained by reaching Tier 69 in the Mecha Season Pixel Pass.




The color scheme has a light purple and white palette, similar to the shoe company Adidas, except the actual company uses black and white. The trigger handle seems to be similar to the Handgrip Sniper Module, except white, while the actual trigger is orange. The tip of the barrel bears a small resemblance to Railgun, while the folds bear a resemblance to Ink Spreader's barrel.


This weapon performs the same as Perfect Rocket Launcher except with 1 extra damage point burning, better mobility, better fire rate, and better Rocket Jump.



  • Use this weapon like you would use the Perfect Rocket Launcher.
  • Use it to, if it wasn't obvious from its attributes, Rocket Jump (PG3D).
  • Note however it has fixed delay, so you shouldn't use it if you're only gonna rocket jump in emergency situations as it might screw you over.
  • It can rocket jump horizontally consistently, something that most other rocket-jumpable weapons cannot do.
  • Equip the pouch module to reduce it's reloading time, so you can be more mobile with it.


Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups



  • Initial release.


  • This is the second weapon to have the No Self Damage attribute, the first being Perfect Rocket Launcher.
  • The Super Rocket Jump attribute as of right now doesn't work.
  • The weapon itself is a reference of the Evangelion Unit-01 from the series "Evangelion".
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