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The TNT Thrower is a Special weapon introduced in the 22.0.0 update. It can be obtained from the Earth Guardians Season Pixel Pass.



it appears as a revolver with a handle that has tnt in it and has flame decals


It has a rather short fixed delay animation, and hence is quite good for switching into (if you are not 3-cat spamming) to finish enemies off, and is good enough to fight with on its own.



  • Since this weapon has looping shot, make sure to go into a closer range to be able to hit the enemy better.
  • Have an automatic weapon or shotgun to finish of enemies.
  • have a good sniper or heavy to also finish enemy off.
  • strafe a lot around the opponent to confuse them and to have a better chance of killing them.
  • use this to also support teammates.


  • Pick off its user from long ranges.
  • use high mobility weapon or high damage weapon to kill user since the TNT thrower have travel time.
  • rocket jump a lot.

Recommended Maps

Close-Combat maps without much manoeuvring space such as Silent School or Classic Pool.

Equipment Setups

  • have a shotgun for finishing off and a sniper for longer range.



It has a hidden ClusterBomb.png effect.

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