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The Tactical Scorcher is a Primary weapon introduced in the 21.7.0 update.


The Tactical Scorcher is a space-themed rifle released as part of the Secret Prototype set event. It appears to be a metallic-colored weapon with cyan highlights and a red visor. It has an energy cell going through the middle of the weapon, which is used as its capacity and reload mechanism.


This weapon is a very, very strong weapon. It way outclasses most (if not all) other weapons in the game, beating some such as the Ultimatum by far, and can completely demolish every enemy the user encounters no matter their loadout due to its ungodly damage per second, high ammo capacity and weakening effect.

This weapon has Fixed Delay, meaning it will give a delay of around half a second every time it is equipped.



  • It is essentially a beefed-up version of the Black Obelisk, so use them alike.
  • It has a large amount of ammunition, so use it abundantly.
  • Even without any support (Modules, Wear, Damage Boost), it can still be extremely powerful.


  • If locked in a 1v1 against a user, use the Time Machine to escape, deny their kill with the Denied!, or reflect some of the damage with the Reflector. If you do not have them, fighting back is always an option, but you'll most likely die anyways.
  • Invisibility is not a good option because the user can simply use the high fire rate of the weapon to shoot you.
  • You can try sniping them from a distance, but remember it can also be used at longer ranges.
  • Do not use automatic weapons against its users when you get hit, as it will significantly reduce your damage. Switch to a high-damaging weapon instead.
  • Using it yourself can be of great use.
  • You can still ambush its users with a powerful shotgun to make quick work of them.



  • Damage was decreased by 5%
  • In fact, the damage has increased by 3% (body) and 4% (head), but the fire rate decreased a little, but it is still 100 fire rate.


  • It was possibly made to bring automatics back into relevance, as it demolishes Shotguns and Three Category Spam. (Even though its attributes do not count it as automatic)