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The Task Book is a feature that tells the player to do certain tasks to get a reward. It is unlocked at level 3.


The objectives are generally the various possibilities that can be done in the game. They could go from winning a match, managing the player's friends or killing some monsters to opening an event chest or do something for the Battle Pass. The following is a full list of 35 objectives available in the task book (X and Y are number which vary):

  • Hatch X Pet eggs
  • Create a new structure in craft lobby
  • Open X Lucky Chests
  • Destroy X monsters in campaign
  • Complete X challenges in the Battle Pass
  • Receive a level 2 module
  • Level up your Pet X levels
  • Insert a module into Armor X times
  • Create X items from parts
  • Take a level X pet to battle
  • Win X (mode)
  • Play X(count) matches in Y (mode)
  • Defeat X(count) enemies in Y (mode)
  • Set a record in any mini-game
  • Collect X points in Y (mode)
  • Bring enemy flag to the base
  • Roll the ram for Xm
  • Make X bets in Y mode (Y=duel)
  • Win a match in X mode
  • Play X matches in Y mode with squad
  • Collect X trophies
  • Add X players to friends
  • Reach X level
  • Like X friends' bases in their profiles
  • Join any clan or create your own
  • Play X matches with 3 friend is squad
  • Win in a Brawl or a Contest X times
  • Take no lower than X place in your league's Tournament
  • Collect X keys
  • Get a reward in a set Event X times
  • Open chests in a chest event X times
  • Update rewards in a set Event X times
  • Collect X Super-Chest bar points
  • Collect and craft an object from a set Event
  • Open a Super-Chest in a chest Event


Usually, the rewards would be about earning currency. The player can earn a certain amount of gems per task (usually three gems), coins or even battle crowns.


  • When it was introduced, some rewards were written in Russian, regardless of the player's language that they use.
  • It is the successor of Quests.
  • Sometimes,the rewards are not worth as much as the actual amount spent.

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