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This content is available in both Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World! If this is a game content, its counterpart is described in another article!
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This article describes a Pixel Gun World mode. If you are looking for the same mode in Pixel Gun 3D, see Team Fight (PG3D).

Team Fight is a mode where two teams, up to eight players on each team, fight each other until time runs out.

The match results.


How To Play

In the server, each player starts out with their regular load out, with all owned weapons available. Each team, Red and Blue, spawn on different sides of the map. They then have to kill the other team's players as many times as possible until time runs out.

This is where you automatically join a team, whether red or blue, it is a random player placement. Then the teams fight together. The first team to get the many kills win, and the winning team gets PGW Coin.png and Lulzy.png. There are a limited amount of maps, as seen here. All players will earn some coins and various amounts of Lulzy.png depending on their rank (scoreboard).


Depending on the place you got, you earn a certain amount of  and Lulzy.png: 5 Minute Match. As the league system introduced, you will get trophies in varying positions.


Winning Team Rewards

Losing Team Rewards

1st place 1500 PGW Coin.png, 200 Lulzy.png 1000 PGW Coin.png, 200 Lulzy.png
2nd place 1200 PGW Coin.png, 175 Lulzy.png 900 PGW Coin.png, 175 Lulzy.png
3rd place 1100 PGW Coin.png, 150 Lulzy.png 825 PGW Coin.png, 150 Lulzy.png
4th place 900 PGW Coin.png, 125 Lulzy.png 675 PGW Coin.png, 125 Lulzy.png
5th place 700 PGW Coin.png, 100 Lulzy.png 525 PGW Coin.png, 100 Lulzy.png
6th place 600 PGW Coin.png, 75 Lulzy.png 450 PGW Coin.png, 75 Lulzy.png
7th place 500 PGW Coin.png, 50 Lulzy.png 375 PGW Coin.png, 50 Lulzy.png
8th place 400 PGW Coin.png, 25 Lulzy.png 300 PGW Coin.png, 25 Lulzy.png
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