Team Strike is a multiplayer mode introduced in the 12.5.0 update.

How to Play

Similarly like 3x3 Brawl, 2 teams of 3 players have to fight. However, like in Duel, you have to wait until all 6 players show up in the server. Once all 6 players show up, you will be able to begin battling, along with 2 allies, against 3 other players.`

In the battle, there are seven rounds, and in each round, each player has only one life. A dead player will at the time forcefully spectate other players before the end of a round. Once one team kills all players on the opposing team, they will win the round. The team with at least 4 victories will win.




Initial release.


There is a better indication of remaining enemies.


Put in the Competitive section of the mode rotation system


Put back in the mode selection, as the mode rotation was removed.


  • After its introduction, it replaced 3x3 Brawl, possibly making it as its successor/upgrade, due to the 2 maps from 3x3 Brawl being added along with having similar rules and interface.
  • It's very similar to Casual and Competitive mode in Valve's CS:GO, that when you get killed, you may only spectate until one team wins on the match.
  • Gadgets are disabled in this mode but the gadget panel displays the Frag Grenade icon, which is the only gadget that can be used in this mode except module gadgets, which gadgets from modules can be used in this mode.
  • Pets are completely disabled in this mode.
  • It's impossible to get a multi-kill in this mode due to the lack of players.
  • If the timer ends, the team which has more people alive wins. If not, then it is a tie.
  • There was a bug in the 18.0.0 update where the round will not end automatically when one team has no members left alive, and the players are forced to wait for the timer to end. Then, the screens on both teams will say "Round Lost", but in the next round, the round indicator will show that it had been a tie.


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