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Teleportal is the third level of Virtual Worlds in Campaign.


The Newbie, after defeating him, retrieves the Cubota 2 Champion and escorts him back to the ship. The Spaceship Captain then orders the Newbie to retrieve the next champion; the Teleportal Champion. The champion, however has lost any control over his senses due to his ambitions to find C.A.K.E.




The map itself is based off of "Portal 2" game.

The room is arena-like, with a high platform in the middle, and two platforms on the north and south walls.

On the ground floor, there are multiple jump pads, walls, lasers, and portals which leads to opposite ends of the maps.

Runningback02 did a myth that let him get through the laser barriers, and get into the original Science Lab map.


  • It should be noted due to the close space and the number of hazards, be careful when traversing.
    • Although they do little damage, be mindful of them when trying to get the 3-star victory.
  • Avoid touching any lasers.
  • When cornered, go into a portal to flank the horde.
  • Get to the middle platform in the middle of the map as enemies cannot get to you, nor can fire upon you. In addition, pickups spawn there.
  • Try to target the ranged units first.
  • When fighting the boss, it is possible to get it stuck on an area of the bottom floor. An alternative to this is quick manouevers and portal jumping on the second floor whilst attacking the boss.
  • Escape the enemies by rocket jumping, using portals or using the jumping pads.

Hidden Gems

Two gems can be seen in the air. Use the portal to reach the upper platform and jump off onto the jump pad. Use the momentum from the jump to reach the gem.


  • Like Science Lab, it is based off of the Portal video game series.
  • It is the only map to feature two hidden gems.


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