Temple of Elements is a Multiplayer Map introduced in the 17.2.0 update.


It appears to generally be the interior of the temple that is oriental themed. There is a central room with multiple elements that shows multiple pathways. Two pathways lead to a small garden where a panda can be seen shooting with a cannon. Two other pathways lead to a stony room. Two wooden staircases lead to a wooden bridge and on one side can be seen a golden Newbie statue with multiple weapons and items in front of it.


  • This map is generally interior, so use close ranged weapons.
  • Don't fall out of the map and don't try to rocket jump outside.
  • Fight in the central room for extra combat.
  • Spawncamp on either the small garden or the stony room (depending which team you are in).
  • Hide in some of the map's spots and use these spots for reloading or preparing an attack.



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