The Terrifying Penguin is an uncommon enemy in Terrifying Resort. It also appears in the Scary Pizzeria, along with Wave 5 in Arena.


This monster is a big pink penguin that has pink "feathers", two big black and red eyes and a beak. The rest of the head is shaded pink. The body and the arms are white and pink, and its thighs are pink and white.


This monster will slowly approach the player and attack, dealing fairly high damage.


It appears in:

  • Terrifying Resort
  • Scary Pizzeria
  • Arena (Wave 5)


Difficulties Damage Health Speed
Easy 3Heart new 20Heart new Slow
Medium 3Heart new 22Heart new Slow
Hard 3Heart new 24Heart new Slow


  • "The Pretty Duckling" is the official name of this enemy.
    • This enemy actually looks very ugly, the "Pretty" part of the name is just a use of irony.
    • The name might be a reference to “The Ugly Duckling”, a fairy tale commonly told to children.
  • This enemy closely resembles Chica model but is pink, a bit wider, and walks differently.
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