The Cook is a boss in the back of the Blockmart area of Dead City. The Cook also appears as the final boss in wave 3 of the Monster Siege. It walks up to the player with its Flamethrower and attack. The Flamethrower's range is 2 blocks.


This boss has similar facial features as the Crook Zombie. It's skin consists of a green slime-like substance, on his head he wears a chef hat. It's mouth hangs open, and several teeth are visible. He wears an apron in front of him, with various purple, red, and yellow stains on it. On the exterior, it wears a blue jacket, with brown suspenders and black shoes. It carries a yellow flamethrower in its right hand, and a frying pan in its left.


The Cook wander around its patrol area until it detects a player, at which he will walk towards the player at a slow to medium rate speed. Once he gets in the area 2 blocks or closer to the player, he will use his flamethrower until he kills the player. In the Raid mode, 6 Black Birds will also spawn in the area, which have a chance of dropping a coin when killed. When the player passes the green truck, the boss will become visible.


  • He has a frying pan, but it is only used as decoration.
  • In Raid, this boss cannot follow you past his patrol area
  • His flamethrower, when firing, has a hidden Wall Break attribute, and is capable of damaging players through walls.
  • The flamethrower he is holding closely resembles a re-skinned version of the Flaming Volcano.
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