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The Creator, who may seem to be Alex Krasnov, is a character that appears in the Crossed Worlds, in the 5th level ???. He is actually the creator of Pixel Gun World.


In the ??? (Campaign Level) level, he tells the Newbie and Female Survivor that he made an unrecoverable bug when creating a wonderful game. He asks Newbie to defeat The Bug using a device strapped to the Newbie's head.


The Creator has a large build. He has brown hair, light blue-gray eyes, and a brown beard. Three strands of hair can be seen on top of his head, where his bald spot is. He wears a green vest, a checkered blue and white dress shirt, and a pair of glasses.


In Comic


  • The real creator of this game is Alex Krasnov, and Cubic.Games. The creator in the game most likely is based off of him.
  • He is actually the creator of Pixel Gun World.
  • He makes many grammar mistakes while talking in the "speech bubble". An example includes "I was in the middle of creating an wonderful game".
    • However, they fixed the grammar mistakes in the 12.2.0 update.
  • He is also most likely the creator of Pixel Gun 3D.
  • He has hair in the comics after the 12.2.0 update.
  • He was working on Pixel gun world as shown on his computer.
  • In the comic, there is a computer behind him, saying P.G.W. It is a reference to the game, Pixel Gun World.

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