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The Incident is a multiplayer map introduced in the 18.2.2 update.


The map takes place in a PGA laboratory. The laboratory contains two floors.

On each side of the map, there are spawn rooms that are protected by a one-way shield. The spawn rooms contain various lab equipment, a trampoline and a set of stairs that leads to the second floor. There is also a large metal automatic door that leads to the center of the map, and a hallway. In addition, there is a portal room on each side that are linked to each other.

The middle of the map contains open glass barriers on the second floor, various props and equipment, and a large glass chamber in the center containing a black goo creature.

The lab also features a nursery where black goo plants are being grown, and a containment area containing sealed rooms and a one-way viewing window. The containment area houses 3 infected specimens with one reading a newspaper on a chair, one using a computer, and one walking around.


Duels (Removed)

  • Rocket jump with a weapon like Rocket Jumper frequently, and try to be accurate and shoot the player with an instant bullet travel time, high lethal weapon like the Anti-Hero Rifle, or even the Tactical Bow, which is quite lethal, and has a very large hitbox.
  • When encountering your opponent in the hallways, try using the Ghost Lantern, as the hitbox is as large as a hallway in this map.
  • Keep on strafing with a high-mobile weapon like the Katana or even the Dark Force Saber, which has mobility of 85, or even with the Double Cashback or the Neutron Pulsator, which have a mobility of 100.

Monster Hunting

  • Try to memorize the map's layout to know where ammo pickups are.
  • Use the portals to quickly traverse through the map and to outflank the monster.
  • If possible, try to lead the monster into the center of the map since it contains a lot of room to move around.


  • It is the first Duel map to be introduced since the 11.2.0 update being Ice Palace but was later removed due to lack of popularity.
  • The map contains one-way shields, similar to those found in Science Lab.
  • The logo seen throughout the map is the SCP Foundation logo.


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