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The Thermal Mecha Knife is a Melee weapon introduced in the 21.7.0 update.


It is a knife with a camouflaged handle, and a steel blade with a red-white edge. It appears to be a similar model to Ninja Swordpad.


Use this how you would use Storm Hammer, but with a larger hitbox than most melees. When switching to this weapon, there is always a pull-out delay that lasts around half a second.



  • Use it like a stronger version of the Demon Sword/Core Sword.
  • It also has a very long melee range and hitbox, use it to your advantage.


  • Simply shoot them before they get to you.
  • If you simply cannot defeat them, switch to your heavy weapon if you have the Last Word module combo equipped before you die, to at least weaken or kill them.


  • The design itself might be influenced by the Core Sword and Ninja Swordpad.
  • The blade's edge seems to be a heated edge to effectively cut through metal.