• I'll be waiting for the next update, which is why I haven't really been doing much stuff here. Things are just strangely one shotting or something, and it only has happened with area type weapons like the Trapper, SPC, Smart Bazooka, etc. A very annoying bug, since the majority would use one of these weapons the entire match, while I struggle with my Assault Machine Gun Up2 and Impulse Sniper Up2.

    See you guys later, I don't know. Might get editing again if I have fun in PG3D again.

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    • I just hope RiliSoft the best to balance PG3D. About one-shot kill weapons, they aren't a bug, they are just intentionally OP. But however, I do agree on your explanations on PG3D's current unacceptable balance.

      Anyways, hopefully you'll come back editing soon!

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