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Three Category Spamming or known for short as 3 Cat Spam or Quick Switching is a tactic where a player quickly fires their one-shot weapon (or weapons that deal 2-3 shots at most) and then quickly switches to 2 other one or two shot weapons. 

The weapons used are usually Wall Break weapons, and the three main categories for three category spamming are Sniper, Special, and Backup.

This practice is also paired with spamming one-shot heavy weapons such as the Proton Freezer, using high mobility melees like the Double Cashback or at least something like the Steampunk Fists, and shotgun primaries such as the Ultimatum as a backup. The player also may Rocket Jump while doing this, albeit risking chances of being vulnerable after consecutive times of doing so due to self-damage.


The tactic existed since 2014 when the five-weapon-category loadout cell interface was introduced, but this tactic was rarely practiced back at that time and usually didn't involve three categories of weapons, but rather two, usually the Sniper (which was originally in the "Special" section) and the Heavy (formerly called "Premium") sections. This tactic would indirectly increase the fire rate by shooting, switching, and doing this task repeatedly. Fans originally coined the term "sniper spam".

Before delay mechanics, this combination of weapons was an example of a three category spam loadout

This tactic evolved into involving three weapons from three different categories which could take out the player in 1-2 shots and was popularized in 2018. Due to this tactic's popularity, the developers tried eliminating this tactic by requiring to wait until the weapon can shoot again. These mechanics are called Delay Mechanics.

Weapons Examples


Note: You do need to be close range to Three Category Spam with a Shotgun (Unless you have Ultimatum or Viking which still both have a good range.)





(Because Cubic.Games added delay mechanics to the game, not all of the combinations above will work as well).

3 Cat Spammers use 85/100 mobility melee weapons such as Dark/Elder Force Saber, Katana, Heroic Epee, Pixel Stream Sword or Double Cashback for traversing the map. They may also use Heavy weapons for 3 Cat Spamming such as Solar Power Cannon, Christmas Ultimatum or Proton Freezer. With these weapons, they use them to Rocket Jump, even though they can inflict self-damage in the process.

If the enemy they hit is crippled they may finish them off with Automatic primaries such as Black Mamba, Golden Friend, Secret Forces Rifle, Future Police Rifle, Royal Fighter, Undertaker, Viking, Acid Shotgun or Ultimatum. Weapons that lack delays are used often with this tactic, albeit powerful delay-lacking weapons.

The delay of the weapon depends on the previously fired weapon's fire rate, so it would not be recommended to switch from the Ultimatum to delay weapons like the Exterminator, as the Ultimatum has an extremely low fire rate, and switching from that to the Exterminator will cause a time-consuming delay that will get you killed.


  • Kill the user(s) of this strategy using high damage weapons like the Secret Forces Rifle or Arcade Rifle.
  • Snipe them with high damage weapons and DPS snipers.
  • Use area damage weapons such as Deadly Beat.
  • Ambush its users while they are focusing on one enemy.
  • Slow down/stun weapons can affect the 3 Cat Spammer if they are Rocket Jumping.
  • Use the Stealth Bracelet so you will not make your presence easily felt by 3 Cat Spammers whenever you stick yourself out of the cover.
  • You can employ certain strategies you are comfortable with against its users, such as Bunny Hopping, hiding in obscure areas of the map and confusing movement patterns.
  • Being a 3 Cat Spammer yourself can be effective when countering.
  • Try to avoid being on the ground considering the fact that 3 cat spammers rely on you being on the ground.
  • Use the Reflector gadget so the 3 Cat Spammer will get a taste of his own medicine.
  • Use powerful heavies such as Spark Shark, or Royal Ashbringer to slow the enemy player down.
  • Use the Sly Wolf to protect you from them, and attack them.
  • Try to use weapons with the Disable Jumps and Slows Down Target attributes to make you kill them easier as 3 Cat Spammers rely themselves having a higher ground to dodge and kill you at the same time.
  • Solar Flare is a great counter as you don't have to aim to hit them.


  • It now takes significantly longer to switch weapons than it previously was for balancing purposes.
  • Despite this strategy requiring skill, it was met with a heavily polarizing results as it was generally frowned upon by the casual and conservative side of the community.
  • There was a glitch where the player can do the three category spam with the Exterminator using the Comet.
    • It was patched in the 15.9.0 update.
  • Occasionally, the game will feature a limited-time Brawl featuring three category spamming, where all delay mechanics on weapons were removed.

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