The Thunderbolt is a Special weapon introduced in the 17.8.0 update.


It is a bolt of lightning in the form of a sword. Despite its appearance, it acts like a gun, and can fire lightning bolts that will slow down and block an enemy's gadgets.


It features a golden/white body with a black pistol grip, a yellow trigger, a white magazine at the back acting as the pommel of a sword. At the front, there is a blue lightning bolt.


This weapon shoots out particles similar to the Electromagnetic Cannon, fast-moving particles at first but slow down while hitting other enemies. Additionally, this weapon has the SlowsDownTarget ability, meaning that whenever the weapon hits the enemy the enemy is slowed. Whenever the rockets hit the enemy or a wall, there is a visual effect of a thunderbolt striking from the sky. In addition, it is normally a two to three shot kill.

When reloading, the player takes out the clip in the back, lets it get struck by a thunderbolt, then puts it back in. It has fixed delay, the player will always take a few moments (about 0.5 seconds) to pull out the weapon.



  • This weapon has a bullet travel time, so have good aim when using it, or use it in close-medium ranges.
  • It has the Chain Damage attribute, so make sure to hit groups of enemies.
    • The projectile impact makes it look like it has Area Damage instead, so use this to scare some players from rounding any corners.
    • Take advantage of Silent School's long and narrow corridors.
  • If you can aim correctly, It will take one shot to kill a player.
  • Try locking on weakened players, this weapon can easily take out players with low health.
  • Use this weapon on opponents who rely heavily on gadgets.


  • Pick off its user(s) from long ranges.
  • Stay away from groups if you see the Chain Damage in effect. The farther you are, the lesser the chance you will be hit.
  • Use area damage weapons against its users.
  • Move in unpredictable directions to disrupt the user’s aim.
  • Attack the user when they are out of ammo.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

  • Bring a Sniper weapon for long-range combat.



  • Initial release.


  • This is based off Zeus, the god of lightning.
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