For the weapon, see Tiger (Weapon).
The Tiger is an enemy that appears in Terrifying Resort and the co-op map Scary Pizzeria. It is similar to the Warlock, Ice Mage, Mummy Mage, and some others because of these enemies' sounds and wand/staff they all hold. 


Much like any other ranged enemy in the game, this monster will approach the player and if there is a given distance. It will start to shoot slow-moving projectiles at the player Using its staff.


The Tiger is similar to its real-life counterpart, except it posses a humanoid shape and robotic limb joints. And a pair of yellow scleras (eye whites). It wields a metallic staff with an orange orb at the end. It has four slightly yellowed teeth and an open mouth.

It's skin as found in the Armory.



  • Its skin can be found in the Armory.
  • It is the only mage-type enemy who doesn't wear a robe nor any accessories.
  • This, the Yellow Peashooter, and the Alligator (Enemy) are the only monsters that are grouped with the FNAF monsters that are not actually from Five Nights at Freddy's.
  • This version also has a different projectile type/skin. While others seem to shoot off a magical aura, this version seems to shoot projectiles similar to the Peashooter.
  • Much like the Warlock, Mummy Mage, Alligator, and a few other enemies, the Tiger fires a magic projectile that must be avoided.
    • It also shares the same animations for movement and wand/staff animations as the Mage enemies.


  • Simply aim for the head to get headshots.
  • For beginners, try to steer clear from the front of this monster to avoid the little projectiles.
  • Any kind of weapon would suffice, as long as you are comfortable with that weapon.
  • Pick it off from long range, as when you try to get close to it, it will throw fireballs at a much faster rate.
  • Like the other ranged monsters in coop survival, be careful as they shoot tons of balls at once that will kill you if you don't keep moving.
  • Make sure to use 85+ mobility weapons to dodge projectiles.
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