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The Tomianom is a Heavy weapon added in the 21.1.0 update.


It is a sci-fi themed heavy weapon that features the Plasma rocket attribute. When it's fired, this weapon's projectiles will shock enemies it passes by, and lowering their movement speed temporarily.


The Tomianom is a grey, black and blue sci-fi themed weapon, with three metal arms extending from the barrel in a triangular position. It's shape is unique, as it has a hexagon-shaped barrel and with a few blue designs towards the barrel.


This weapon deals high damage, has an insanely large range and will inflict the slowing effect on enemies. When it's charging, the three arms on the barrel will extend out, directing energy towards the center of the barrel. When it's reloading, the player will take an energy cell from the rear of the weapon and put a new one in. This weapon performs very similar to the Solar Flare.

It has Fixed Delay. This means that once the player switches from any weapon to this weapon, the Tomianom will always have a pullout delay lasting around half of a second.



  • Use this how you would use Solar Flare.
  • Take advantage of it's slowing attribute to slow down fast-moving players.
  • Similar to Solar flare, this weapon has a capacity of 1. Equip a reload acceleration module to increase it's fire rate.
  • While not targeting anyone, hold a high mobility melee to get around the map.
  • Take cover while reloading or finding ammo.


  • If it's user is in the midst of a large group of enemies, take out the user first. This weapon is devastatingly powerful as it's range is huge.
  • Use a weakening weapon to make killing it's user easier.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Equip this with a high mobility melee weapon, as this has a low mobility.



  • Initial release.

Its reload speed was nerfed by 30%, its ammo reduced by 2 and it recieved a 10% damage nerf.


  • This weapon was made available as a weapon drop in the Battle Royale gamemode.


  • This is the second Plasma Rocket weapon after the Solar Flare.
    • This is the first Plasma Rocket weapon to feature another attribute, as the Solar Flare has no extra features.
  • This weapon became infamous in the Pixel Gun 3D Discord due to its similar performance to the Solar Flare.
    • Its infamy eventually made the creator of the weapon leave the discord.
  • This, along with Solar Flare, Aphrodite Crossbow, Triple Bite and other overpowered weapons have gained controversy from the Pixel Gun 3D community due to their infamous nature of spamming.
  • If you listen carefully to the charging sound of this weapon it is a mix charge sound of the Fist of Fate and the BIG DATA
  • When it first came out, it was better than Solar Flare, but after its nerfs, this is considered a weaker version of it.



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