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The Total Planner is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 18.0.0 update. It is part of the Project Manager Set.


It is a medium-sized gun that fires rockets. It deals a great amount of damage, has a moderate fire rate, a small ammo capacity, and below average mobility stat. It is a 1-2 shot.


It appears to be a colorful and white gun.

It features a white body with a white pistol grip, and a colored ink cartridge at the back acting as the weapon's ammo source. It also has a pie chart at the front, a line graph at the receiver area of the weapon, and the abbreviation "FRD" on the upper part of the weapon.When reloading the FRD turns to MON and it flashes.


When fired, the user will fire a colorful energy blast. This projectile has travel time, and will explode upon impact.

When reloading, the user will eject the spent ink cartridge and insert a new one.



  • Due to its travel time, it is advised to not use it at long range, as it is more effective at close-medium range.
  • If your target is moving, try predicting where your target's position will be and then throw it.
  • Fire it against a group of enemies.
  • Use this weapon to deal higher damage because of the Damage Boost attribute
  • Make sure to not use this weapon often as one would run out of ammo quickly
    • It is highly recommended to locate for any Ammo Pickups whenever possible.
  • Avoid firing this weapon when close to objects or teammates.
  • Rocket Jump is possible with this so use this to your advantage
  • Use this around your teammates to boost their damage


  • Pick off the user at long range.
  • Area damage and shotguns make quick work of users.
  • Try avoiding getting too close to the user.
  • Strafe while jumping to minimize the chances of getting hit.
  • Try and sneak up behind the user and go in for a melee attack.
  • Use a weapon that also has the rocket attribute with a fast fire rate. Since rockets that hit each other get destroyed.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

  • Equip an automatic Primary weapon to finish the opponent, since its damage is about a 1-2 shots.


  • Initial release.


  • It is part of the Project Manager Set the other two are Money Rain and Invigorating Awaker.
  • It is the 3rd item to feature the damage boost DamageBoost.png attribute, the others being the Leader's Drum and Pet booster gadgets.
  • On one part of the gun, it says "FRD" which means "Friday". When reloading, it says "MON", which means it's Monday.
  • It somehow resembles the Ultra Beam Sniper when it first came out in the game with a fixed delay.
  • When reloading you can hear a nuke warning sound.
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