The Champion Egg, or the Mythic Egg, is a type of Egg introduced in the 11.1.0 update. It can give the player Rare, Epic, Legendary or Mythical pets. It's awarded to the player when reaching a new League and hatches when the player is promoted to the next league.


The Champion Egg appearance depends on the corresponding league. Each egg has white polka dots.

Obtainable Pets

These are the list of pets obtainable through the Champion Egg.

Rare Epic Legendary Mythical
Hedgehog Icon Hedgehog Alien Cat Icon Alien Cat Arnold 3000 Icon Arnold 3000 Cyberphoenix Icon Cyber Phoenix
Lion Icon Lion Deer Icon Deer Chicken Icon Chicken Eaglespirit Icon Eagle Spirit
Meerkat Icon Meerkat Eagle IconEagle Dinosaur Icon Dinosaur Griffin Icon Griffin
Owl Icon Owl Hyena Icon Hyena Panther Icon Panther Magical Dragon Icon Magical Dragon
Panda Icon Panda Kangaroo Icon Kangaroo Parade Horse Icon Parade Horse Mammoth IconMammoth
Robo Dog Icon Robo Dog Monkey Icon Monkey Pterodactyl Icon Pterodactyl Phoenix Icon Phoenix
Snake Icon Snake Ostrich Icon Ostrich Rhino Icon Rhino Sabertooth Tiger IconSabertooth Tiger
Toucan Icon Toucan Skunk Icon Skunk Tiger Icon Tiger T-Rex Icon T-Rex
Zombie Cat Icon Zombie Cat White Bear IconWhite Bear Unicorn Icon Unicorn


  • The Magic Egg and the Champion Egg hatch the same type of pets.
    • What makes them different is that the rarer pets that come from the Champion Eggs are actually slightly more common than the ones that come from the Magic Eggs.
  • In the 'Types of Eggs' GUI, the capitalization of the Champion Egg's information is inconsistent. (e.g. 'champion Eggs'). This may have been due to the 11.3.0 update which changed the font, resulting in sentence case as opposed to the uppercase format used prior to 11.3.0.
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