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The Trader's Van, often referred to as the "Trader" or the "Van", is a van that sells any sort of weapon in the game that makes the weapon the same level as you. It sells weapons cheaper compared to weapons in the Armory and also can sell weapons non-obtainable in the Armory and mythical event weapons and cosmetics. It comes out with new weapons usually every 2-3 days unless the Trader’s Van decides to stay with the same weapons longer by developers' choice. It is unlocked at level 9 as of 21.4.2.

Current Weapons and Cosmetics Available in the Traders Van (As of July 1st, 2022)

If a player purchases all weapons, they will be awarded the Mr. Ultimatum avatar.

  • Note: The weapons/cosmetic listed above may not appear for some players because they might already own them. If the player already owns them all, the van will not appear. Moreover, the costs of these weapons and cosmetics mostly depend on the player's level. The list may also not be updated so new vans might be different compared to the weapons in this list. They may also not appear due to the fact that they are on iOS and updates come late, so they might not see these offers.


The Trader's Van sells weapons and other items that are only available for a limited time. This may include weapons from all categories and of all rarities. The weapons sold usually correspond to a specific theme, with the Trader's Van itself changing appearance to match the theme, which is why the van can come as a simple van with a window showing the trader and the weapons, but the theme of the van could vary. The Trader's Van also cycles through weapon from Primary to Heavy and wrapping around back again, just like how the Armory displays its weapon categories.

Moreover, the Trader's Van may also sell various cosmetics which include Wear and Avatars.

The weapons and cosmetics can only be bought for the duration of the Trader's Van, with the duration lasting anywhere from 1-20 days. Once the Trader's Van leaves, the weapons may no longer be purchased and will only appear in the Armory for owners (although the weapons may return as part of another limited-time Trader's Van or as part of the Super Lottery).

As of 17.7.0, each update introduces 3 new weapons available from the Trader's Van. Buying all 3 will give a free exclusive Avatar.


  • A possible reason for the high cost is that all the guns are only available for a limited time, making them rare and therefore costing more. (Note that weapons from the Trader’s Van are upgraded to the max level. This may also be a reason as to why the weapons are so expensive.)
    • However, the player can obtain most of the Trader’s Van's items from the Gallery when they are available.
  • The player cannot view the Trader's Van in Offline Mode, as purchasing and upgrade weapons and other items are available only in the game's server side.
  • Sometimes, when new weapons come up in the van, the chatting channels in the Pixel Gun 3D Discord become temporarily more active, hence why slow mode is increased by the moderators to keep the chat flowing more slowly.
  • The items being sold might differ from platform to platform especially iOS to Android. This is because iOS get their updates later than Android does. This is also why some weapons sold on a new update in Android have to be camouflaged as different weapons on iOS.
  • The developers sometimes host a community van or a holiday van, which includes certain wanted weapons requested by the community to come back, or exclusive holiday-themed weapons that only return during their specificly-themed holiday
  • Three Category Spammers are always waiting for excellent offers such as Ultimatum, Heroic Epee or Viking.

List of Trader's Van Exclusive Weapons

These are weapons that can be obtained from here, battle passes, or from event lotteries.


Weapon Name Sold With
Advanced Scout Rifle Gem.png
Agent Valentine Coin.png
Alien Rifle Coin.png
Aloha! Boom Boom! Gem.png
Black Mamba Coin.png
Boar's Roar Gem.png
Cheater Hunter Gem.png
Checkmate Gem.png
Christmas Spirit Coin.png
Cookie Minigun Coin.png
Cooler Coin.png
Cyborg Hands Gem.png
Disc Battle Station Coin.png
Eckodile Rifle Coin.png
Elven Killer Rifle Gem.png
Evil Snowman Coin.png
Exquisite Bagpipes Coin.png
Future Police Rifle Coin.png
Gift Stitcher Coin.png
Hand Gatling Gem.png
Heavy Shotgun Coin.png
Holy Shotgun Gem.png
Ice King's Fury Coin.png
Impulse Minigun Gem.png
Industrial Nailer Coin.png
Last Kiss Gem.png
Liquid Fire Coin.png
Mega Gun Coin.png
Minigun Shotgun Coin.png
Mithril Rifle Coin.png
Mobile Outpost Gem.png
Nuclear Rifle Gem.png
Oh Deer Coin.png/Gem.png
Penilizer Coin.png
Pew Pew Rifle Gem.png
PGA-01 Living Rifle Gem.png
Plastic Rifle Gem.png
Potato Implantat Gem.png
Prehistoric Shotgun Coin.png
Project 'Dolphin' Gem.png
Pyro 1116 Coin.png
Rainbow Dispenser Coin.png / Gem.png
Rude Bully Gem.png
Saturn Coin.png
Semi-Auto Shotgun Coin.png
Serious Argument Coin.png
Sharp-Eyed Courier Coin.png
State Defender Coin.png
Steam Gun Coin.png
Steam Power Coin.png
Storm Gem.png
Storm Trooper Exoskeleton Gem.png
System Admin Coin.png / Gem.png
Secret Forces Rifle Coin.png
Ultimatum Gem.png
Undertaker Coin.png / Gem.png
Viking Coin.png / Gem.png
Wrath of Fire Gem.png


Weapon Name Sold With
AI Pistol Gem.png
Artefact Gem.png
Cyber Revolver Coin.png
Dual Anger Gem.png
Dual Hawks Coin.png
Dual Laser Blasters Coin.png
Dual Machine Guns Coin.png
Dual Revolvers Coin.png
Duck Hunter Coin.png
Fan's Revolver Coin.png
Flash Drive Coin.png / Gem.png
Gifted Revolvers Coin.png
Hard Corn Coin.png
Headhunter Pistols Gem.png
Hitman Exoskeleton Gem.png
Hitman Pistol Gem.png
Hot Greetings Coin.png / Gem.png
Hypersound Uzi Coin.png
Ice Cream Pistol Gem.png
Lamp Revolver Gem.png
Laser Cycler Gem.png
Lovebirds Coin.png
Multitaskers Coin.png
New Year Defender Coin.png / Gem.png
Ouroboros Coin.png
Peppermint Guardians Coin.png
PGA-02 Gates Gem.png
Pitbull Coin.png
Project 'Rapid Flock' Gem.png
Propitiator Coin.png / Gem.png
Pulling Sucker Gun Coin.png / Gem.png
Rebel Gem.png
Royal Revolver Gem.png
Shotgun Pistol Coin.png
Snow Blaster Gem.png
Sparkly Blaster Coin.png
Space Blaster Coin.png
Spec Ops Pistol Coin.png
Spender Gem.png
Star Shard Gem.png
Thunderer Coin.png
Tiny Resizer Coin.png
Triple Musket Gem.png
Venus & Mercury Coin.png
Werewolf Coin.png / Gem.png


Weapon Name Sold With
Adamant Claws Coin.png
Angry Pumpkin Coin.png
Aspen Spear Gem.png
Candy Axe Coin.png
Candy Baton Coin.png
Chipping Whip Gem.png
Cthulhu Legacy Gem.png
Demon Sword Coin.png
Disconnector Coin.png / Gem.png
Dual Machete Gem.png
Evil Pig Hammer Coin.png
Fire Demon Coin.png
Gold Fever Gem.png
Healing Staff Coin.png / Gem.png
Heroic Epee Gem.png
Ice Paws Coin.png
Jet Tenderizer Coin.png
Knight's Axe Gem.png
Last Samurai Coin.png
PGA-03 Screaming Saw Gem.png
Pig Hammer Coin.png
Primal Cold Gem.png
Raccoon with a Pipe Gem.png
Pixel Stream Sword Gem.png
Romeo & Juliet Coin.png
Runic Hammer Coin.png
Serenade Coin.png
Sharp Flame Gem.png
Steampunk Fists Coin.png
Storm Hammer Coin.png
Summon Dagger Gem.png
Super Drill Gem.png
Super Fixer Gem.png
Sword & Shield Coin.png
Sword of Shadows Coin.png
Sword of Silence Gem.png
Tactical Knife Gem.png
Tiger Coin.png
Triple Bite Gem.png
Werewolf Paws Gem.png
Whip with Cake Gem.png
Zombie Head Coin.png


Weapon Name Sold With
Airstrike Laptop Coin.png / Gem.png
Alien Bouncer Coin.png / Gem.png
Alligator Coin.png
Anubis Coin.png
Asteroid Coin.png / Gem.png
B.E.A.S.T. Coin.png
Bat'o'Hawk Coin.png / Gem.png
Battle Horn Gem.png
Bug Cleaner Gem.png
Call of Valhalla Gem.png
Charged Injector Coin.png
Cloud Launcher Coin.png
Combat Darts Gem.png
Cooking Totem Gem.png
Cryolator Gem.png
Cyber Cat Lantern Gem.png
Cyber Laser Gem.png
Cyber Slicer Coin.png
Cyclops Sling Coin.png
Deadly Digital System Coin.png / Gem.png
Festive Guitar Coin.png
Freon Coin.png
Gorgon Head Gem.png
Gravitator Gem.png
Heartbreakers Coin.png
Laser Rings Coin.png
Like Launcher Coin.png
Magnetic Storm Gem.png
Manual Inferno Gem.png
Mercenary Flamethrower Coin.png
Mr. Mixer Coin.png
Necklace of the Ice King Coin.png / Gem.png
Neon Lightning Coin.png / Gem.png
Network Streamer Coin.png / Gem.png
Outlaw Catcher Gem.png
Pet Dragon Gem.png
PGA-04 Doll Gem.png
Plasma Beast Gem.png
Police Zapper Coin.png / Gem.png
Portable Death Moon Gem.png
Portable Gift Factory Coin.png
Rainbow Destroyer Coin.png / Gem.png
Restructurer Gem.png
Ronin Gem.png
Sharp Snowflake Coin.png / Gem.png
Snow Queen Wand Coin.png
Sly Wolf Gem.png
Thanksgiving Pie Gem.png
Transformed Blaster Coin.png
Throwing Spears Gem.png
Witch's Sheep Cauldron Coin.png / Gem.png


Weapon Name Sold With
Alien Sniper Rifle Coin.png
Anti-Champion Rifle Gem.png
Antivirus Coin.png / Gem.png
Astral Bow Coin.png
Black Hole Gem.png
Bone Sniper Rifle Coin.png
Cold Silence Coin.png / Gem.png
Comet Coin.png / Gem.png
Conductor of Souls Gem.png
Digital Sunrise Gem.png
Dimerian Divider Gem.png
Dragon Bite Gem.png
Elephant Hunter Coin.png
Eva Gem.png
Fair Sheriff Gem.png
Fatality Hook Gem.png
Frost Shot Coin.png
Frozen Lich Bow Coin.png
Gauss Cannon Coin.png
Harsh Punisher Gem.png
Heavy Sniper Rifle Coin.png / Gem.png
Inevitability Gem.png
Laser Bow Coin.png / Gem.png
Laser Carbine Gem.png
Laser Cat Rifle Gem.png
Laser Ninja Gem.png
Masterpiece Musket Coin.png
Mister L. Coin.png / Gem.png
One Shot Coin.png
Overseer Gem.png
Particle Accelerator Gem.png
PGA-05 Slender Touch Gem.png
Plastic Carabin Gem.png
Professional Bow Coin.png
Project 'Marlin' Gem.png
Skull Crossbow Gem.png
Snap Attacker Coin.png
Sniper Cyber Module Gem.png
Sniper Exoskeleton Gem.png
Sparkling Hydra Coin.png
Spider Sense Coin.png / Gem.png
Spiritual Rifle Coin.png / Gem.png
Splinter Gem.png
Succubus Coin.png / Gem.png
Supercharged Rifle Coin.png
Traitor Gem.png|Gem.png Winged Bow Gem.png
Witch Doctor Coin.png


Weapon Name Sold With
"Avalanche" Coin.png
Alien Cannon Coin.png
Atomic Splitter Gem.png
Automatic Decorator Gem.png
Big B's Oven Coin.png / Gem.png
Big Buddy Coin.png
BIG DATA Coin.png / Gem.png
Bomber Cat Gem.png
Cherry Bomb Coin.png
Combat Gauntlet Coin.png / Gem.png
Corn Launcher Gem.png
Dark Mage Wand Coin.png / Gem.png
Destruction System Gem.png
Emitter of Uncertainty Coin.png
Eye of Ra Gem.png
Football Cannon Coin.png
Ghost Lantern Coin.png
Gingerbread Homezooka Coin.png / Gem.png
Heart of Volcano Coin.png
Hippo Coin.png
Huge Boy Gem.png
Ice Club Gem.png
Invincible Lion Gem.png
Medusa Coin.png
Meteor Shower Coin.png / Gem.png
Meteorite Destroyer Gem.png
Offensive Rocket System Gem.png
Pixel-Cola Refresher Coin.png / Gem.png
PGA-06 TV Gem.png
Plastic Bazooka Gem.png
Portal Cannon Coin.png / Gem.png
Primal Beast Coin.png
Proton Freezer Coin.png / Gem.png
Rocket Hands Gem.png
Royal Ashbringer Gem.png
Saboteur Gem.png
Solar Flare Gem.png
Solar Power Cannon Coin.png
Stinger 3000 Coin.png / Gem.png
Storm of All Seas Gem.png
Ten O'Clock Postman Coin.png / Gem.png
War Horse Gem.png
Yetti Spirit Coin.png

List of Trader Van's Non-Exclusive Weapons

The weapons in this list can be bought from both the Trader's Van and Armory.


Weapon Name Sold With
Adamant Laser Cannon Coin.png
Casanova Coin.png
Champion Peacemaker Gem.png
Crystal Laser Cannon Coin.png
Devastator Coin.png
Energy Assault Rifle Coin.png
Impulse Rifle Coin.png
Invader Coin.png
Pencil Thrower Coin.png


Weapon Name Sold With
Champion Mercenary Gem.png
Electro-Blast Pistol Coin.png
Emperor's Servants Coin.png
Orbital Pistol Coin.png
Pizza Heater Coin.png
Sawed-Off Shotguns Coin.png
Void Energy Pistol Coin.png


Weapon Name Sold With
Combat Yo-Yo Coin.png / Gem.png
Core Sword Coin.png
Elder Force Saber Coin.png
Zeus Chain-Sword Coin.png


Weapon Name Sold With
Acid Cannon Coin.png
Gas Launcher Coin.png
Hedgehog Coin.png
High Voltage Coin.png
Laser Bouncer Coin.png
Music Lover Coin.png
Nitrogen Sprayer Coin.png
Reflector Coin.png
Toxic Bane Coin.png


Weapon Name Sold With
Anti-Hero Rifle Coin.png
Charge Rifle Coin.png
Laser Crossbow Coin.png
Little Cthulhu Coin.png
Mr. Squido Coin.png
Neutralizer Coin.png
Poison Hunter Coin.png
Prototype Gem.png
Railgun Coin.png
Semi Auto Sniper Rifle Coin.png
"Sunrise" Coin.png
Wyvern Coin.png


Weapon Name Sold With
"Bastion" Coin.png
Champion Solar Cannon Gem.png
Demoman Coin.png
Dragon Breath Coin.png
Dragon King Coin.png
Energy Drill Gem.png
Ka-Boom! Coin.png
Laser Minigun Coin.png
Loud Piggy Coin.png
Manga Gun Coin.png
Piranha Coin.png
Sly Avenger Coin.png
Rocket Jumper Gem.png
Soul Thief Coin.png
Stinger Coin.png
Torpedo Launcher Coin.png
Deadly Beat Coin.png
Bass Cannon Coin.png

List of Trader's Van Cosmetics


Hat Name Sold With
Pawn's Hat Coin.png
Knight's Hat Coin.png
Rook's Hat Coin.png
Queen's Hat Coin.png
King's Hat Coin.png


Avatar Name Sold With
Gum Beast Gem.png
Knitted Doll Gem.png
Barbarian Gem.png
Amazon Gem.png
Cyclops Chief Gem.png
Orc Gem.png
Gingerbread Gem.png
Skelton Pirate Gem.png
Pawn Figure Coin.png
Knight Figure Coin.png
Rook Figure Coin.png
Queen Figure Gem.png
King Figure
Loki Coin.png
Fenrir Coin.png

Weapon Skins

Christmas Skins

In the 17.1.1 update, they went back to adding weapon skins to various event weapons, like the Chipping Whip and the Sniper Exoskeleton and an extra skin for the One Shot. However, the skins (other than the One Shot skin added in 17.1.1) were being added differently and most of them were not actually added into the game yet, but the skins interface for these weapons did appear. Instead of releasing the skins and making them available for purchase, the skins for these weapons are event skins in the Trader's Van that come with a maximum efficiency upgrade for the weapon. The first 6 weapons with event skins are the Black Mamba, the Disc Battle Station, the Ouroboros, the Thunderer, the Sniper Exoskeleton and the Big Buddy, who all got them on December 21, 2019. 19 other weapons got an event skin three days later.


These are the event weapon skins obtainable from the Trader's Van. Note that cost isn't included since Trader's Van costs depend on the player's level and possession of the weapon.

Information Image
  • Name: Frozen Candy
  • Weapon: Black Mamba
  • Category: Primary
  • Released: 17.1.1
Frozen candy black mamba.png
Pro version disc battle station.png
  • Name: Poison
  • Weapon: Ouroboros
  • Category: Backup
  • Released: 17.1.1
Ice serpent ouroboros.png
  • Name: Icicle
  • Weapon: Thunderer
  • Category: Backup
  • Released: 17.1.1
Icicle thunderer.png
Old clock sniper exoskeleton.png
  • Name: Huge Bell
  • Weapon: Big Buddy
  • Category: Heavy
  • Released: 17.1.1
Giant bell big buddy.png
  • Name: Insidious
  • Weapon: Laser Bow
  • Category: Sniper
  • Released: 17.1.1
Insidious laser bow.png
  • Name: Enchanted
  • Weapon: One Shot
  • Category: Sniper
  • Released: 17.1.1
Enchanted one shot.png
Severe caramel champion peacemaker.png
Decorated spruce anti-champion rifle.png
Electro pine champion solar cannon.png
  • Name: Mini Game
  • Weapon: Pew Pew Rifle
  • Category: Primary
  • Released: 17.1.1
Mini game pew pew rifle.png
Santa's helper storm trooper exoskeleton.png
  • Name: Snow Camouflage
  • Weapon: Storm
  • Category: Primary
  • Released: 17.1.1
Snow camouflage storm.png
  • Name: Winter Rune
  • Weapon: Viking
  • Category: Primary
  • Released: 17.1.1
Winter rune viking.png
  • Name: Christmas
  • Weapon: Ultimatum
  • Category: Primary
  • Released: 17.1.1
Christmas ultimatum skin.png
Packed royal revolver.png
Bad elf hitman exoskeleton.png
Climber pulling sucker gun.png
  • Name: Scourge of the King
  • Weapon: Chipping Whip
  • Category: Melee
  • Released: 17.1.1
Scourge of the king chipping whip.png
Krampus soul necklace of the ice king.png
  • Name: Frosty
  • Weapon: Overseer
  • Category: Sniper
  • Released: 17.1.1
Frosty overseer.png
Snowman royal ashbringer.png
Toy torpedo launcher.png
  • Name: Snow Blower
  • Weapon: Proton Freezer
  • Category: Heavy
  • Released: 17.1.1
Snow blower proton freezer.png

Mythical Power Skins

These are the Mythical Power event weapon skins obtainable from the Trader's Van. All of the skins have the same name "Mythical Power" and they all can be upgraded to the maximum efficiency and the Mythical grade. These skins can be bought only for Gem.png. Note that cost isn't included since Trader's Van costs depend on the player's level.

Information Image
  • Weapon: Pet Dragon
  • Category: Special
  • Initial quality: Epic
  • Released: 17.3.0
  • Weapon: Prototype
  • Category: Sniper
  • Initial quality: Epic
  • Released: 17.3.0

Halloween Skins

The 18.2.2 Update saw the introduction of skins coming from a community skin contest. 24 skins in total were added, but only 12 were added to the van, 2 for each category. These skins could have been bought only for gems. However, the skins were already available to buy from the weapon itself; the van provided the weapons, and discounts for the weapon skins.

These are the event weapon skins obtainable from the Trader's Van. Note that cost isn't included since Trader's Van costs depend on the player's level and possession of the weapon, and if the weapon is upgraded or not.

Information Image
  • Name: Dead Eye
  • Weapon: Viking
  • Category: Primary
  • Released: 18.2.2
  • Name: HalloRifle
  • Weapon: Pew Pew Rifle
  • Category: Primary
  • Released: 18.2.2
  • Name: Fenir
  • Weapon: Werewolf
  • Category: Backup
  • Released: 18.2.2
  • Name: OroBro
  • Weapon: Ouroboros
  • Category: Backup
  • Released: 18.2.2
  • Name: Spooktober
  • Weapon: Heroic Epee
  • Category: Melee
  • Released: 18.2.2
  • Name: Jack The Pumpkin
  • Weapon: Combat Yo-Yo
  • Category: Melee
  • Released: 18.2.2
  • Name: Silver Wolf
  • Weapon: Sly Wolf
  • Category: Special
  • Released: 18.2.2
  • Name: Three Eyed Pumpkin
  • Weapon: Dragon Bite
  • Category: Sniper
  • Released: 18.2.2
  • Name: Digital Pumpkin
  • Weapon: Digital Sunrise
  • Category: Sniper
  • Released: 18.2.2
  • Name: Hell Oven
  • Weapon: Big B's Oven
  • Category: Heavy
  • Released: 18.2.2

Black Friday Skins

The 19.1.0 update saw the introductions of 6 money-themed skins, one for each category. Just like the Mythical Power skins, buying these skins upgraded the weapon to mythical. However, these weapons were much cheaper, but still costed costed Gem.png. All of the skins included a money shine.

At level 65, buying both the weapon and the skin costed 420 Gem.png, buying skin and the upgrade to mythical with a underleveled weapon costed 320 Gem.png, and buying the skin and the mythical upgrade for a max level weapon costed 300 Gem.png. If the weapon was already mythical, the skin would have costed only 60 Gem.png.

These are the Black Friday event weapon skins obtainable from the Trader's Van. All of the skins have the same name "Black Friday" and they all can be upgraded to the maximum efficiency and the Mythical grade. These skins can be bought only for Gem.png.

Strangely, these weapons and their skins were brought back in the 21.1.2 update despite Black Friday being around 8 months away.

Information Image

Ice Dragon Cult

These are the Ice Dragon Cult event weapon skins obtainable from the Trader's Van. All of the skins have the same name "Ice Dragon Cult" and they all can be upgraded to the maximum efficiency and the Mythical grade. These skins can be bought only for Gem.png. Note that cost isn't included since Trader's Van costs depend on the player's level.

Information Image
  • Weapon: Vandals
  • Category: Primary
  • Initial quality: Epic
  • Released: 20.0.0

Chinese New Year

These were the special skins for CNY 2022, that ends in 5 days.

Information Image

Valentine Skins

These were the skins for Valentine 2022. It ends in 5 days.

Information Image

Football Skins

These were the skins for the Football Van in 22.1. It ends in 6 days.

Information Image
  • Name: Match Inviter
  • Weapon: Penilizer
  • Category: Primary
  • Released: 22.1.0
  • Name: Super Bowl Fan
  • Weapon: Fan's Revolver
  • Category: Backup
  • Released: 22.1.0
  • Name: Super Bowl Cannon
  • Weapon: Football Cannon
  • Category: Heavy
  • Released: 22.1.0

Altered Skins

These were the skins that was added in 22.2. The skins were made for the 6th Pixel Pass. It ends in 6 days.

Information Image
  • Name: Altered Fast Death
  • Weapon: Fast Death
  • Category: Backup
  • Initial quality: Rare
  • Released: 22.2.0
  • Name: Altered Space Rifle
  • Weapon: Space Rifle
  • Category: Sniper
  • Initial quality: Legendary
  • Released: 22.2.0
Weapon345 altered space rifle icon1 big.png

Black Dragon Skins

These were the skins for the 7th Pixel Pass. It was added in 22.3 and ends in 6 days.

Information Image
  • Name: Black Armor Stitcher
  • Weapon: Gift Stitcher
  • Category: Primary
  • Initial quality: Epic
  • Released: 22.3.0
  • Name: Black Dragon Revolver
  • Weapon: Laser Revolver
  • Category: Backup
  • Initial quality: Epic
  • Released: 22.3.0
  • Name: Black Dragon Bite
  • Weapon: Triple Bite
  • Category: Melee
  • Initial quality: Mythical
  • Released: 22.3.0

Constellations Skins

These were the skins for the 8th Pixel Pass. It was added in 22.4 and ends in 8 days. (CURRENT)

Information Image
  • Name: Sagittarius Constellation
  • Weapon: "Bastion"
  • Category: Heavy
  • Initial quality: Legendary
  • Released: 22.4.0

PBand Skins

These are the skins for the PBand Van in 22.5.0.

Information Image
  • Name: True Fan Shotgun
  • Weapon: Last Kiss
  • Category: Primary
  • Initial quality: Epic
  • Released: 22.5.0
  • Name: PBand Fan's Sword
  • Weapon: Zeus Chain-Sword
  • Category: Melee
  • Initial quality: Epic
  • Released: 22.5.0
  • Name: PBand Beat
  • Weapon: Deadly Beat
  • Category: Heavy
  • Initial quality: Epic
  • Released: 22.5.0
Weapon706 pband beat icon1 big.png

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