Train Robbery is a multiplayer map introduced in the 15.5.0 update.


The map takes place on a desert canyon in which a train carrying cargo has been stopped by an ambush set by a band of robbers.

The blue team will spawn at a small camp featuring caravan wagons, crates of ammunition, and a fire pit. While the red team will spawn in a native camp site.

In the middle of the map contains the robbed train, where the cargo of gold bars and other valuables of the train is currently being robbed. The train consists of several open boxcars and flatbeds containing pick-ups. On the caboose of the train, there is a turret mounted on top.

On the mountain tops, there are bandits armed with scopeless Sniper Rifles firing at the train. These bandits cannot be killed as they are part of the background.


  • Avoid getting spawn trapped in your team's spawn, move out of the area quickly while the mercy period is still in effect.
  • The boxcars are open and can be used to hide inside or get pickups.
  • Be careful when using weapons with area damage as one could easily misfire too close to themselves and fall to their death.
  • The middle of the map is where snipers and long range weapons are effective due to the lack of cover and a long range of sight.


  • In the 16.9.0 update, the map got a redesign, making it more open and removing the other branching paths.
  • In the old version of the map, a sign near the train in front of the destroyed bridge reads "Ghost Town 50 miles", meaning that both maps take place in the same area.




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