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When you have them in your hands, you feel yourself like the true sprinter. Run like a tiger and never stop moving until you get your victory. Be careful about cliffs though.

—Weapon description in the Gallery

The Turbo Pistols are a Backup weapon introduced in the 10.4.1 update.


It is a pair of orange pistols that shoot bullets one by one. This weapon deals decent damage, has high mobility, a good fire rate, and it has a high capacity.


This weapon has two blue arrows on the side, along with an orange barrel, white sights, a dark-gray handle, and an orange magazine.


The Turbo Pistols shoot light blue bullets with instant bullet travel time and each pistol takes its turn in shooting. This weapon has the single-shots attribute.

When reloading, the magazines are taken out and the pistols get spare magazines off-screen. It has no delay mechanics.



  • Always try to aim for the head, but also keep in mind that they also have low accuracy.
  • This weapon has high mobility and is accurate at close range, so running and jumping around slower enemies should cause them to miss and allow you to attack while they are reloading.
  • Use this weapon to quickly damage heavily armored enemies at close range so they can be finished off with a melee weapon.
  • Due to this weapon's high mobility, when paired with the Ninja Tabi or the Berserker Boots, it can be used to reach high areas in the game while holding a normal weapon and not a melee weapon.
  • The weapon should be used to weaken enemies before killing them with high-damaging weapons.
  • This weapon does not work very effectively in close or long range maps. It tends to work the best in medium ranged maps.
  • This one one of the dual weapons in the game.
  • These weapons can prove to be deadly in the hands of a skilled player if you have level 6 critical hit chance module.


  • This weapon has a small clip, so stay under cover and wait until the player is reloading and attack with a fast shooting gun to finish them off.
  • Use a long range sniper rifle, like the Prototype, as the Turbo Pistols are inaccurate at long range.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

  • Have an accurate, long-range weapon at the ready to attack players out of the range of this weapon.
  • Have a fast-firing primary weapon to finish off enemies when these weapons run out of ammo.


  • Initial release.
  • Priced changed to 270 Coin.png.
  • Damage increased by 68%.
  • Along with the Multitaskers, this weapon received a massive buff.


  • The blue "Turbo Arrows" are often seen in racing games to show areas where players can get a quick speed boost.
  • These weapons seem to be mirrored as the ammo clip is ejected on the same side.
  • They used to cost 85Gem.png, one of the lowest gem cost for weapons.
  • This is based on Pulse_Pistols Tracer's Pistols, a pair of rapid-fire pulse pistols from the popular FPS game Overwatch.
    • In Overwatch, the pistols are automatic and in Pixel Gun, they are single fire.
  • This weapon has a remodel called the multitaskers.

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