Unsafe Harbor is a map in Sniper Tournament.


The map consists of multiple platforms for users to shoot other players. Players spawn on different sides of the ravine that is seperated by a river. There are many tiny holes and playforms that players can spawn on. There is a lighthouse, a bridge, and a couple of different buildings. Most of the time, a player will spawn somewhere on the terrain.


  • Use good fire rated weapons like Sniper Cyber Module and Sunrise.
  • Some positions work better than others, for example higher sniping points give you the ability to view a large distance.
  • Try avoid wearing bright and vivid skins, instead try darker skins as some positions in the map can offer darker positions for camouflaged players.
  • If possible, try and memorize every position on the map.
  • Try to swith locations after killing a lot of people, since they can spot you from the KillCam (PG3D) and memorize your location, targeting and killing you.
  • Snipers with X-Ray vision are effective, helping you point out where people may be. For example, Third Eye.
  • Use a skin that will camouflage to your surroundings. Blending in to stone and grass is highly recommended if you don't want others to see you.


  • It is the only exclusive map on Sniper Tournament.
  • The Ram (pet) could be found wandering in Unsafe Harbor, but it's only a decoration.


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