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The Uranium Grenade Launcher is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 21.7.0 update.


It has a metal body painted with yellow paint on the sides are bio-hazard symbols with tubes connecting to the barrel of the weapon which emits a green glow. The bottom of the weapon appears to be made of either wood or rusted metal that has metal chains and a lever presumably part of the firing mechanism. The back of the weapon has a either wood or metal handle and just above that the ammo it's self and it's chamber.


The weapon fires a little nuclear bomb and the barrel emits green fog when the projectile hits a surface or enemy it makes a mini green grayish mushroom cloud leaving a puddle of radioactive waste that deals radiation damage to anyone that steps into into it. This has looping shoot and low capacity so make sure to hit your targets. its damage radius is HUGE so make sure to use this in maps like pool party while aiming at the enemies spawn location. However, according to Drot's Traders Van video, it will not be an instant kill with the Radiation attribute if the person is standing still. However, if the user is moving, the weapon will deal more instant damage, and the Radiation will kill the user off, assuming they don't have the following: an autohealing weapon, Medkit, Healing Station.



  • If you press the reload button, immediately after firing this, then you can fire this quicker then its current rate of fire.
  • Its damage radius is HUGE so make sure to use this in maps like pool party while aiming at the enemies spawn location.
  • This deals large self damage so make sure to stay away from where the location you are aiming at,
  • Use the Jetpack gadget while in the air to increase the chances of you hitting your enemy.
  • Try to hit your enemies while they are moving as it deals more instant damage.


  • Stay away from its user(s) as it possesses looping shot and a huge damage radius.
  • Using this your self can be effective against its users
  • Use a good primary like Deadly Tail or Tactical Scorcher.
  • A high mobility melee like Double Cashback pared with Berserk Boots can easily outrun its users.
  • Rocket jump often to decrease the chances of the enemy hitting you.
  • A healing weapon or pet like Heroic Epee, Blot Axe, Unicorn, or Ice Dragon Egg can heal your health when you get hit by the weapon.
  • Its reloading is slow when a user is reloading, use a hitscan sniper like Anti-Champion Rifle to kill its user(s)
  • Using a shotgun like Ultimatum or viking can kills its users.
  • Be careful when moving around, as this weapon can one shot you [with the Radiation] if you don't have any reliable healing. It is recommended to use a 85+ mobility weapon.
  • Equip some gear like the Burning Tiara, Cape Editor, or Hitman Boots.
  • Equip a set effect if you have the weapons to do so. All set effects require all weapons to be equipped. Most sets only require 3 weapons. However, some sets require 4 weapons.


  • This is the first (and the only, as of this moment) weapon with the Radiation attribute.
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