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The Beginning...

When I found Pixel Gun 3D, I was hooked. It was the funniest game and very entertaining. But when I was presented with a choice of 2 guns, I wanted to find out which one was better. I googled " Pixel Gun 3D Wiki ", but no search results. I thought to myself, It's a new game, there will be a wiki for it soon.

About a week later, there was a wiki. But it was very inactive and the founder did nothing. Then I thought, I will make the wiki. I started uploading pictures and editing, then Galli came along. He edited some, I edited some.

Then one day he said to me: " This is bad, we can't do anything "

I questioned him, but found the logic. With the founder inactive, we couldn't do the things we needed. Next thing ya know, we are migrating to this small wiki. I was promoted to Co-Founder, and started editing. I never expected to have started such a popular and massive wiki.

Pixel Gun 3D

I used to play, but now I never get on. My favorite gun has to be the Automatic Peacemaker M2, and my favorite melee weapon is the Dark Force Saber. (If those still are in the game).

The Wiki

I am a capable Co-Founder, with many edits and a decent amount of badges. I don't edit actual pages, but I am still fully active and will answer any questions you ask. (Except questions about the game, I haven't played in so long).  I never grow old of the admin page where it shows the number of views since December 14, 2013. Good times. Good Times.

Message me if you need anything!