"Pick off its users from long ranges"

- The Elite's usual phrase on counters.

One of my skins named 'Plasma89'. Wore it until the 10.3.0. Replaced by an S.C.A.F Soldier.

Hello there!. Thank you for rather visiting my profile page!

Basic Info

I'm a normal wiki contributor (and later a moderator in this very wiki). Doing the right contributions to each wiki I've joined. A fan of the Dead Space series. Playing Pixel Gun 3D since 4.7.1. Note that my profile pic. is my own art.


Well, a long time before the creation of my account, likely around mid or late 2013, I started to play Pixel Gun during its early stages.

In mid-2015, I decided to create my account.

After joining my first few wikis after the creation of my account. I ran into this wiki thanks to one of our guys who had this wiki's link in their profile.

I joined this very wiki after few weeks of decision making. Then, my contributions started whenever there are pages in need of updates. I started to renew the pages' outdated info as much as I could. Then few people visited my profile and eventually leaving a message on my wall, especially the time I made my loadout public

One day, as I am doing my daily contributions (Mainly in June of 2016). Galli asked me if I want to be promoted to a Moderator (now specified to content and discussions moderator). I accept the offer and promoted me after that conversation.

I am here on this wiki for solid five years now. And my activity is a little bit stagnant as I deal with real-life problems, be it with our education system or the recent outbreak in our lifetime. My pattern is to at least check the wiki (and contribute) in a 3-5 day interval... sort of.

I got into the modern wiki staff thanks to my continuous contributions. Before I got promoted. I saw a few of the old staff members go down from their positions. So this may be the reason why Galli promoted some members. Including Leafy and Vendetta (which he [Vendetta] is inactive at the moment), into separate positions. Due to the lack of staff in the wiki at the moment.

Now a content (sentinel) and discussion moderator. My primary purpose here is contributing and managing contents and, as a secondary task, managing threads. 

A rare occurrence of where Ribs broke other's ribs... by going Rambo.

If you look closely at my stats, I am one with the modern staff members with the least edits, as the edits also count messages posts, you can guess that I don't talk that much.

In-Game Stats

I have already played on those 2 platforms, one is for the PC and one is for the Mobile. So I have separated them.

PC Version

Joined in its early state and later came back at 3/30/2016


Status: Inactive (Game was canceled, I have a copy of the game in my backup drive but it simply doesn't load as its servers were long downed.)

More info just above this section, mate. (The Infobox provides all the info you need,)

Mobile Version

Joined since the 4.7.1 update and possibly somewhere at mid-2014.


Status: Sorta dead

Username: Dark Core (Formerly), Plasma89 (Other), Ribs Grow Back (Other). reppiR eht kcaJ (Other), Glorified Toaster (Current).

As I change my username at a rate, I'll place all of them down to avoid confusion.

Helmet: Full refund

OP Gadgets/Weapons: Also full refund.

I play on emulators on PC as my phone can't handle the size of the game.

More info just above this section, mate. (The Infobox provides all the info you need,)


If you're curious about the times I'm maybe active, well, here it is: (In Hong Kong time zone)

Mon.-Thus. = 2:30 PM - 10:05 PM

Fri.-Sun.= 9:20 AM - 12:00 AM

Opinions on stuff


I can say PGW is a decent game if my computer isn't a toaster and better mouse sensitivity back then.

I can say that it came out as a good game with a lot of potentials, I liked it as it doesn't have gems but a somehow hard to obtain coins. It is fun and a less immature community surrounding the game.

My initial reaction to its removal is just plain confusion, it is unknown why it got removed as Rilisoft never said anything related to its disappearance.

There are some theories surrounding the cancellation of PGW, the theory of Vendetta is the most probable one, where he says that it is a mere fraud of Rilisoft.

While my theory is that they closed it due to the large expense of their game servers, which is somehow a common reason for the collapse of games. Or on the other hand, I can say that the may have been intentionally shelved it to lure people into their now only game; PG3D to... somehow make more money than the PGW team did?

To refer to Vendetta's theory, they may have shut it down, either intentionally or unintentionally, to run away with everyone's money.

So, PGW may or may not rise from its grave as another decent game. Where if it indeed got revived, all Rilisoft (now Cubic Games) will receive is hate, as everyone has lost their progress, right? The PGW servers got downed and likely sold to another company or purposes.

After sometime Leafy placed the theory on the (unofficial) PG3D forums, an ex-PGW Moderator shed the light on the mystery, he said that it got closed due to the lack of funds, he also released an announcement that- yes, PGW is gone forever but there will be a game said to be similar to it.

Esoteric Inc.

Yes, this man disappointed us here in this wiki as he used our contents without crediting us.

That's all I can say to him. He can talk about hacks as much as he wants long he doesn't get himself into trouble again.

Facts about Me

  • Most of my skins are based on the Dead Space series due to their aesthetically-pleasing designs. (Which is namely Sci-Fi anyway.)
  • I saw my old self (Dark Core) by searching through the friends. Only lost 2400 wins as 13 is left. Though RiliSoft deleted my (and others') old data, it cannot be found anymore.
  • One of my nicknames (Ribs Grow Back) is a reference to one of TF2 Medic's dialogue, specifically in his Meet the video, and he is wrong (where he says that ribs don't grow back), where ribs actually grow back.
  • My favorite kill icon in TF2 (I'm a bad sniper going for the body though):
  • I do art and I am still learning it. And no, I don't do commissions nor requests.
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