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Me and my first and most loyal pet, Conrad.

Thanks JustLeafy for the meme.


Hello <insert name here> and welcome to my page. I'm an active editor and I'm also an admin here and on our conception wiki. I do my best to keep as many pages as I can up to date and accurate. I also have an extremely small channel on Youtube: Ender Creeper14. I'm currently inactive on my channel due to Apple shutting down Air Shou, the recording software I used. If you have any favours or questions, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to message me and I'll message back as soon as I can. I'm pretty active, so it shouldn't take me any longer than a day to reply. I'm on at least once a day unless I'm sick and unable to use any of my devices. Have a nice day ;)

My History In PG3D

I have been playing PG since November 14, 2013, it costed $1.02 to download and it was called "Pixel Gun 3D PRO Minecraft Ed.". To be honest, I don't officially remember how I found out about PG. I think I either saw it on YouTube or like others, I searched up "Minecraft shooting games". I somehow manage to reach level 27, which was the max level at the time in PG. Then my Samsung Tablet broke and I lost all my stuff. Eventually, I got an iPad Mini and I downloaded PG again. I accepted the fact that I lost my data and started working from scratch. My original name before Ender Creeper14, was Mystic Ninja. Up until my level was around the late 20's, I decided I wanted to change my name to something else. I roamed around for a username and at the time, I also wanted to make a YouTube channel. I was looking for a username that involved "Creeper" in it, a lot of the usernames were taken and I didn't want to be a copy-cat. I eventually came up with "Ender Creeper" and because it was August 14, That's how my YouTube and PG username, "Ender Creeper14", was born. I've seen a lot of eras in PG, From the Anti-Gravity Blaster era, to the Storm Hammer, and even the Dragon Breath era. Eventually, I searched up "Pixel Gun 3D Wiki" and this very wiki popped up. I made an account and I read A LOT of the gun pages. For a little while, I was shy and fearful of editing an pages. Eventually, I started editing and now I believe I've became a nice edition to the PG Wiki. I hope you enjoyed my story of my journey that led me to where I am today.

Favourite Weapons In PG3D

  • Primary:
  1. Hellraiser: A very powerful and reliable assault rifle. Good, even at longer ranges with the 4x zoom scope.
  2. Crystal Laser Cannon: Fast, strong, and accurate weapon. It also looks good in my opinion.
  3. Automatic Peacemaker: With its high magazine size, high damage, high fire rate, and gold camo, what more can you ask with a gun like this.
  4. Steam Power: In my opinion, this is the strongest shotgun in PG. Compatible of being a 1-shot head-shot to a max player, when you have the Storm Trooper Cape equipped, you're almost always guaranteed a kill. This weapon never fails to satisfy me.
  5. Last Kiss: Has good damage, fair RoF (rate of fire), good capacity, and it has a girly Valentines Day theme, which I'll admit I like.

- Honourable Mentions: Casanova, Plasma Rifle, Brave Patriot, Dual Uzi, X-Mas Destroyer, Sub-zero, Marksman, Golden Friend, and Alien Rifle.

  • Backup:
  1. Hitman Pistol: It's powerful, accurate, good magazine size, good ammo, silencer, scope, and nice camo. It's a reliable, under-rated pistol.
  2. Dual Laser Blasters: Excellent damage, perfect accuracy, and good mobility. The only downside is that it drains its ammo pretty quickly.
  3. Alien Blaster: The Exterminator's younger brother. It has good damage, a rather fast fire rate, and pretty accurate. I personally like this pistol.
  4. Flower Power: It a surprisingly powerful weapon, I usually use it when my main power weapons need to reload and it can get the job done.
  5. Steam Revolver: A pretty powerful pistol. It also has a nice gold camo.

-Honourable Mentions: Old Comrade, Nuclear Revolver, Exterminator, Mr. Deejay, Dead Star, and Minigun Pistol

  • Melee:
  1. Dark Force Saber: Good damage and has really high mobility, which can be useful in a number of situations.
  2. Power Claw: Pretty powerful and has a little bit of range to it.
  3. Candy Baton: Also pretty powerful..
  4. Romeo & Juliet: Good damage, has the "Poison" attribute to it, and I like the girly/Valentine's Day look to it.
  5. Sword Of Shadows: It is technically the most powerful melee weapon in the game, as it can 1-shot head-shot a max armoured player when fully charged. I also like the purple flames and the "Invisible" attribute it has.

-Honourable Mentions: Katana, Fire Demon, Santa Sword, Lava Flail, and Dual Machete.

  • Special:
  1. Freeze Ray Rifle: Out of the 4 original lasers in the game, the Freeze Ray Rifle, Dragon BreathVacuumizer, and Solar Ray Rifle, the FRR was the best one out of the 4 for me. With its high damage output and now its "Slow The Target" attribute, it is a reliable weapon that I keep on me at almost all times when I'm not messing around with any other special weapon.
  2. High Voltage: This thing is up there with the most powerful weapons in PG history. It will eliminate anything within seconds. It contains enough power to eliminate Battle Mechs within a full second. The only downside of this weapon is the range and it drains its ammo like no other. But for me, the insane damage makes up for those cons.
  3. Shuriken Thrower: It's one of the few weapons that is pretty balanced in a good way at all levels. I recommend you give this weapon a try.
  4. Napalm Cannon: The direct damage on this weapon is pretty high. Despite Rilisoft greatly lowering its efficiency to four, they didn't actually tweak the gun, which I'm glad they didn't.
  5. Barrier Rifle: This thing is pretty underrated. It has high damage, slow, but decent fire rate, good accuracy, and has the "Piercing Shot" attribute. It also has a rather slow bullet travel, but I like to take advantage of that. I like to use it to get a chance hit more people in Silent School.

-Honourable Mentions: Laser Spear, Toxic Bane, Fidget Thrower, Pet Dragon, Snow Storm, and Flaming Volcano.

  • Sniper:
  1. Dater Hater: I don't care that this weapon is "girly", I like the girly look to it. The weapon's performance is good as well.
  2. Anti-Hero Rifle: The most powerful sniper in PG history in my opinion. It seems to have equal to slightly greater power than the Prototype. If you know how to use this weapon to the best of its potential, then it's a force to be reckoned with,.
  3. Laser Crossbow: Very powerful, has a good magazine size, and has a good RoF for a sniper, specifically a laser-type sniper.
  4. Prototype: This is a classic, This weapons is nostalgic to me, how can you not love the Prototype.
  5. Laser Bow: A lot of things with this weapon are good, to the damage, to the 4x scope, this weapon is good in a lot of situations.

-Honourable Mentions: Elf's Revenge, Magic Bow, Impulse Sniper Rifle and Mr. Squido.

  • Premium:
  1. Easter Bazooka: I really enjoy this. It's reliable for getting the job done. It has HIGH damage, and the good mobility for a rocket-launcher. Plus, it hold A LOT of reserve ammo. I personally like it's 4x scope and it's Easter theme. ^_^
  2. Fireball Spell: This weapon has high damage and has the "Burning" attribute. If you know how to use it, you will dominate.
  3. Pumpkin Thrower: I have a special bond with this weapon, I don't know why. The pumpkins do a lot of damage and have a decent AoE.
  4. Solar Power Cannon: With its high damage and decent magazine size for a premium, this weapons is useful against spammers and groups of enemies.
  5. Laser Minigun: Another classic. It has high damage, fair rate of fire, high magazine size for a premium, but it suffers poor accuracy and mobility. Despite those 2 cons, this weapon was the original premium that could shoot through walls, while inflicting high damage. If you combine the Prototype and Automatic Peacemaker, this would be the result.

- Honourable Mentions: Tesla Cannon, Grenadier, Easter Bazooka, Toy Bomber, Fireworks Launcher, Apocalypse, Heavy Gifter, Ka-Boom!, Stinger, and Piranha.

Other Apps I Play

  • Clash of Clans: I'm currently a Town Hall 9 with a level 11 Archer Queen and level 15 Barbarian King.
  • Clash Royale: I'm a level 10 in Arena 11 (Electro Valley) sitting around the mid 3,000's at the moment.
  • Minecraft (PE, PC, or PS4 Edition): A good time killer.
  • Roblox (rarely played): Just to mess around. I personally find this game a little awkward to play, seeing how I'm a little bit on the older side to be playing this game.
  • BTD Battles (rarely played): I like this game, but it can get boring after a little while, especially if you've max out every tower.
  • PewDiePie Tuber Simulator (rarely played): I like it, but it gets boring sometimes.
  • Pokemon Go (rarely played): Got old for me, though I still like it though.
  • Geometry Dash (rarely played): I only play this if my internet is poor, or I get bored of Clash of Clans or Clash Royale
  • Boom Beach: I'm currently a Headquarters 12 and I have SGT. Brick level 9.

My Least Favourite Weapons, Gadgets, Pets, And Types Of Players

  • Ghost Lantern: You know why I hate this weapon, do I even need to explain?
  • Soulstone: The Ghost Lantern's buffed cousin. Why Rilisoft, you know how negatively the Lantern effected the community. Why add another?
  • Smart Bullet Bazooka (SBB): Requires very little skill to use, and the sound irritates me at times.
  • Trapper: It slows you down, makes you bleed, inflicting more damage, and the traps itself do a good amount of damage.
  • Storm Hammer: I don't hate this weapon because of its damage. I hate it because it requires little skill to use, it's overused in Knife Party, and the sound it makes gets annoying after a while for me.
  • Nanobots Rifle: I like the concept of this weapon, I hate it because it's OP. Pretty much a buffed SBB that's a 2-shot kill. At least the capacity was nerfed in the 12.6.0 update and made more expensive in the 13.0.1 update. Thank you Rilisoft. It's still an issue, but at least you did something, and I appreciate that.
  • Voodoo Snowman: Annoying as hell to deal with in Duel Mode and the only way to counter it directly is to kill the user in time which can be fairly difficult. Thankfully, it was nerfed, practically making it useless. Good riddance.
  • Resurrection: The fact that you can be revived using this thing is atrocious to me. This combined with the Voodoo Snowman in Duel Mode is very rage inducing for me, as I rely mostly on my skill to win.
  • Arnold 3000: I don know why, but I tend to get killed by this thing in matches from time to time. Very annoying, every time I see this thing in a match, I kill it so it doesn't shoot me.
  • Lantern Spammers: Nuff said here. So glad that the quick-fire glitch was patched in the 12.5.3 update, now Lantern spammers are a lot less common, even in Silent School.
  • "Royal" Players That Spam Overpowered Weapons: These guys think that they're royalty because they spam the more powerful and sometimes hated weapons in the community.
  • SBB Spammers: Every time I see someone spam this weapon, they give me an impression that they don't have skill. Ever since this weapon got a nerf, unless you're in short range, you're not going to get many kills with it. This weapon pisses me off for some reason.
  • Braggers: I hate when players boast that they're pros at the game or if your team loses or wins, they are like, "yay we won" or "your all noobs". These players will always cease to amaze me.
  • GL Defenders: I hate when I'm talking to another player and we are both talking badly about the Lantern and a random players say, "the ghost lantern is the best weapon in the game, your just jealous that you dont have it. your a noob ender creeper14" . These players make my blood boil. Whoever defends the Ghost Lantern and then insults me for criticizing it, I will be more than happy to 1v1 you no joke. Lol.
  • Daters: Again, must I explain why I hate daters with a passion?
  • Quitters: I hate when you're in a match, and if your team is outnumbered, there's that one kid that quits. If you quit a match because of that, then you're weak. Rilisoft recently added a penalty if you leave matches, so there's no point of being a quitter. Despite being out-numbered or out-powered, try hard and finish that match. You may be surprised with the results.
  • The list can go on and on... I think braggers, daters, and "royal" players that spam nooby/OP weapons grind my gears the most in all honesty.
  • Feel free to check out my rant here. Although, it is slightly out-dated, it still remains relevant as it gets my point across.

My Little Project

Sincerely, Ender. hey, lets talk sometime ;)

A Little About Me

-My favourite colours are:

Magenta, Cyan, Blue, Lime, Medium Spring Green, Spring Green, Deep Pink, and purple.

-I tend to like the girly weapons of PG, I will admit that. Despite the looks, they can surprisingly do work.

-My first edit on the wiki was on the former Pets page. (The page was removed, due to the Pets having their own separate pages and are organized in a category).

-When talking about the Ghost Lantern in the past, I used to spell lantern, "lattern".

-Despite me being very active here and online in general, I do participate in sports and active activities in real life.

- I was promoted as a Rollback on May 6, 2017.

-When I first became a Rollback, I accidentally roll backed my userpage, removing everything. It took me an hour to repair and reverse my mistake. Lol.

- My first minigame I ever played here was I'll sue ya!!!

  • The first person I "sued".

- I became a sysop on June 23, 2017.

- I started my PG clan, Sunset Strive, in January of 2018.

- I entered nirvana (AKA I was promoted to Bureaucrat) on May 23, 2019.

Personal Facts

(Obviously, I’m not going to state EVERYTHING about myself IRL, but I will state what I am comfortable with).

  • I‘m Diabetic (type 1) and I have ADHD.
  • I live in California (SoCal) (I’m not stating my EXACT location. That would be silly ( ͡| ͜’ ͡| ) )
  • I‘m mixed in ethnicity IRL. I’m mostly black, Cherokee, and Jewish. (That‘s all I know of)
  • I‘m an open person, but kind of shy and awkward IRL. I’m am not afraid to speak up if something is BS, however.
  • I LOVE applesauce, especially cinnamon. My Mom would buy like 2 packs of 6 (6 cups per pack), and I’ve gotten in trouble a few times for eating a whole pack by myself.
  • I have 5 siblings, I’m the second oldest.
  • I‘m obviously a gamer.
  • I like to draw.
  • I like listening to music, I don’t have a specific type I favour. Whatever I like, I like.
  • Though I’m personally not homosexual, I don’t have a problem with those who are, if anything, I’m supportive.
  • I’m pretty smart and I can observe stuff pretty well. I would consider myself at least above average. I’m obviously not Einstein-smart, but I’m pretty smart, nonetheless.
  • If you have known me on the wiki for at least a small amount of time, you know that I like to pull all sort of jokes. Especially me joking that I have crushes on female users and the one on “Alex Krasnov’s ‘not nice’ basement”.
  • I like to remain optimistic. Even when I’m having a bad day, it doesn’t mean that I have to darken others’ days, if anything, I try to brighten them.
  • Like staying optimistic, I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and second chances. When fixing others’ errors, I prefer to give them reminders, rather than warnings. I only give warnings when necessary, but if it’s just a minor offense, I will give a reminder when I’m given the chance. Don’t take my kindness as a weakness. Just because I like to be a bit laid-back and kind, I still won’t hesitate to give out a warning or even a ban, if necessary.
  • Though I’m usually kind and a clown at time, I can and will be serious and hard when necessary. I will not hesitate to crack down and dicipline when it’s needed.
  • I have good memory, most of the time.

- That’s as much as I’m comfortable mentioning here, if I were to admit more, it would be too personal.

My View On Pixel Gun

I've been playing Pixel Gun for over 4 years. I've seen this game evolved from a simple Minecraft-style FPS, to a futuristic, OP weapon, spam-a-licious game. I was around when this game ran at 30 FPS and the graphics were "special" to me. Most people would say that the graphic back then were bad, but I personally liked them. Now, the game runs at 60 FPS, and the graphics and weapon designs have improve. I remember back in the day, armour wasn't a thing, and MOST weapons required skill. I remember when the Anti-Gravity Baster was the "Ghost Lantern" of 5.4. I remember it was OP, and armour wasn't a thing, at the time RiliSoft wasn't known for nerfing weapons. Instead of nerfing it, they buffed the armour. As time went on, armour became stronger, and the Anti-Gravity Blaster was eventually forgotten. As time went on, classic weapons like the Automatic Peacekeeper, Steam Power (known as the Deadly Candy back then), Hitman Pistol (formerly called the Killer Mushroom), and other weapons were forgotten in time. Sadly, a lot of these weapons are still good to this day all 3 of those weapons, and most other classic weapons can still get kills. It's a shame that these weapons are over-shadowed by weapons like the Judge, Minigun Shotgun. Golden Friend, and many others. One of the only classic guns that I see used on a daily basis, is the Prototype. Especially up in the max level bracket, there's honestly a lack of variety. This is why veteran players that have been around for at least 3 years are quitting, this is why the last of the OG players, like me (no bragging intended) are becoming more and more rare. Veteran players are getting bored of the game. For me, I still play like I would play like a year or 2 ago. I tend not to use OP weapons, I like to use weapons that require skill to use. The only weapons that I use that may seem OP, are the Prototype, and the Easter Bazooka, but even them, those weapons require at least some skill to use. The Prototype, you obviously have to have good accuracy, I have rather decent accuracy, personally, I have to say. And the Easter Bazooka has like no blast radius, whatsoever. I mean, it does have an area of effect, but it's very small and can usually only kill 2 players AT MOST at a time. The rest of my class, I like to run with weapons like the Hellraiser, and the Last Kiss. They do work, but they don't do enough damage to be OP. I would personally consider both of them, above average. I personally dislike annoying, noob-ish, and OP weapons. Weapons like the Judge, Smart Bullet Bazooka, Ghost Lantern/Soul Stone, and Nanobots Rifle. They don't require that much skill and are spammed way too often in my opinion. I guess, one could say that the Judge requires skill. But how would you feel if you went up against a whole team, or nearly a whole team, using nothing but the Judge and 1-shotting you and your teammates for days. I don't know about you, but I've been in that scenario before, and it's not fun. I want to go up against players who favour skill over no-skill. Sure, I'm annoyed a bit, but if you used skill to kill me, then you've earned that kill. That brings me to another thing. I hate the Resurrection. They ruin good kills, and it's not fair IMO. I hate when I come in clutch, but it turns out, the little dirt bag was revived by the Resurrection, then ends up 1-shotting me with the Ghost Lantern/Soulstone. That never fails to grind my gears. I personally miss the "golden age" of PG, when the game was at it's peak. Now, it's gone downhill. I will admit that the game is getting better, but it will never be the same. I'm not saying that change is a bad thing, if anything, it's a good thing, but the way this game has evolved... is a story of its own.

So, to make a long story short, I'm a veteran player who still prefers skill over OP stuff.

One thing I'd like for you to let linger in your mind, I'm just one player, one user who's been playing the game for a long time. I'm just one player who's been in the evolution of this game and have had experiences. I'm just one player who has a still-continuing story to tell. I'm just one player who has their own opinion. We all have our own stories that have value. Whether you're a fellow veteran PG player, retired, or you're a new player, or have quit, we all have our story to tell, our legacies to lead, and we all shall eventually meet our happily ever after. I'm only one person with his own story, legacy, and values, and in order to grown and contribute, we all should listen to what others have to say. You never know THEIR story, and they may never know YOUR story, unless we share. Every person's views matter.


If you need to contact me beyond my Message Wall, you may reach me on either Twitter, Instagram, or Discord. I may also post from time to time, but I mainly use them for contacting purposes.

Twitter: @Ender_Creeper14 (I don't post, not sure if/when I will, but I do respond to messages)

Instagram: @endercreeper14 (Haven't started posting yet, I do respond to messages)

Discord: Ender Creeper14#7858

Profile Summarizing Polls

Now, I want to know your feed back, if you can, please answer the questions in the polls below. There are a few questions to summarize my whole profile, but if can take some time and give honest answers, I'd very much appreciate it.


Alright, I'm done messing around lol. Thank you for reading and for answering the polls. If there's anyway I may improve my profile, please message me on my Message Wall. I'm also up for some suggestions, compliments, criticism, ETC. Just remember that the rules, as always, still apply. Tell me your favourite weapons, tell me what you favour about Pixel Gun. I'm always up to listen and engage with players and users in our community have to say. I hope you enjoyed my profile, and I wish you the best of luck. ^_^

- Ender