Enderdude 443

aka Da Battlecat

  • I live in A place where you get mauled to death by cats
  • I was born on July 4
  • My occupation is Scruffy get back here
  • I am An awesome Kat

Hi {{{l<insert name here>}}}! I am Enderdude, a cat lover. I am obsessed with pixel gun and battle cats.

How it all started

I was an average cartoonist and gamer, but I was missing one thing. Minecraft. My dad would not allow me to play the game, so I played pixel gun 3D as it was somehow related. I was already obsessed with Battle Cats, and I was part of the wiki. So I was like 'just join the pixel gun wiki and see how it goes' and here I am. :P

The magical guns that I use

Primary - Hellraiser up2  (the gun I use almost everytim)

Backup - Fast Death Up2

Melee - Fire Orb Up1  (but I don't spam)

Special - Prototype

Premium - 0XBADCODE#  (yes I am a noob -.-)

Helmet - Crystal helmet

Armor - Crystal Chestplate up1

Cape - meh I dun have any

Boots - Ninja Tabi

(Actually if there was a weapon related to a cat I would love to sell all my weapons above and get that weapon lel)

There is also a gun that I pray to everyday. People call it the Assault machine gun but I call it the God's Wrath.

Screenshot 2015-08-01-18-51-21-1
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