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Hey, it's GoldMan27!!

Hey guys, I am GoldMan27, a former Admin of this fine Wiki, and a former head Moderator over at the Pixel Gun 3D Forums. I used to actively play PG3D, until I deleted it out of frustration due to my game lagging severely on my iPad (and the new updates were becoming worse). If you wish to keep in contact with me though, I am frequently active on the Pixel Gun 3D Forums, and play a good range of video games on Steam nowadays. (May want to contact me on the forum in regards to which games/Steam info).

About Me:

My name is Adam, and I am currently 18 years old as of March. I play Bass guitar, and have a strong liking towards Christian music. I am also an avid player of several games (most notably TrackMania, Need For Speed World, Minecraft, and SWBF), and am involved in 3-4 other communities surrounding SWBF and Minecraft. I'm very active in the Pixel Gun 3D forums, but I still check in on the Wiki once in a while. I also am a big fan of several cartoons/anime (mostly Aldnoah.Zero, Star Wars Rebels, and Regular Show).


SWBFGamers: Gold Man

Minecraft Forums: GM027

Xfire: goldman27

Alpha Clan: {Alpha}Vet.Gold Man