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Hey there, ... My name is I'm bacK on Pixel Gun 3D
  • My device is the iPhone 8 Plus
  • Wear: Burning Tiara, Sniper Mask, Berserk Boots, Design a Cape, Design a Skin, and Developer Armor
  • Experience: Level 65
  • My current weapon lineup is: Ultimatum (got it when the christmas skin first came out so plz don't hate on me), Thunderer / Headhunter Pistols, Ban Hammer, Necklace of the Ice King (got it in the same day as the ulti), Harsh Punisher (I swtich snipers sometimes), and Heart of Volcano / Destruction System / Royal Ashbringer / Proton Freezer.
  • My favorite map is: Nuclear City
  • Also please sub to me on YouTube. (Jeremy Unknown & Jason The Gunner)
  • I am a level 65. obviously
  • P.S. idc about rocket jumping but plz save 3 cat spam
  • P.S.S I am garbage.
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