Hey what's up, you're looking at the infamous trouble maker of Pixel Gun 3D Wiki and Pixel Gun 3D Wiki Discord! Want to see some info about me?

Master trex.png

Master Tyrannosaurus

RESIDENCE: Gondawana(where dinosaurs lived), and the Super Continent Pangea
BORN: 10/8/2006(age 14 this year)
STATUS: Active
SPECIES: Tyrannosaurus Rex
HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown
LINKS: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/376152135/
BIO: Hey there, <insert name here>. My name is Master Tyrannosaurus and I have recently joined the wiki. If you are curious:

  • My favorite weapons are: Shrimposaur, Torpedo Launcher, Ouroboros, Sparkling Eel, Anime Scythe
  • My favorite map is:Pool Party, Knife Party, Area 52 Labs
  • I have 2403 total kills and 1491 total wins in Pixel Gun 3D.

How I started Pixel Gun 3D:

I found Pixel Gun 3D when I was in 3rd grade or 2nd grade, when searching for Minecraft on my grandma's phone for free, since it costed money. But when one day on a Saturday, I found the game: Pixel Gun 3D: Block-World Pixel Shooter with Skin Editor. I remember I couldn't get most of the weapons because of coin glitch that would take away my coins. When I played this in 2015~2016 on my grandma's phone, I used to dream about getting Hell Raiser, Dragon's Breath, Champion Peace Maker, and especially Crystal Laser Canon & Dual Machine guns. I always got most kills with the Photon Shotgun, and especially with the Fire Orb in Knife Party. I'm still crazy good in Death Match & Team Fight in Knife Party, and Coliseum.

How Good Am I and why am I a Master? I am called Master for multiple reasons. Firstly, this is the name I came up with very first when I made my first Roblox account. Secondly: I am an very OG of Pixel Gun 3D. Remember that when you did "Make your own skin" and you could use that blue-print skin? I used to use that before. I remember when they added the Terrifying Resort and the Crocodile skin. I used to use that before they had the Eckodile skin. Thirdly, is because I've known how to play this a while, and I am an casual Professional. I don't know how to spam except on my 2nd account, since I've encountered it just recently, like last year.

I don't have this, but I really want this glider (since it ends with saur- means lizard in Latin)

Favorite Gun

Upvoted Ideas I have got In Discord


  • first one
  • Possible upvoted idea: about buffing sparkling eel to 20%.
  • Balance the BLOQ Plasma Module idea

I am currently In official PG3D server so I am getting new upvoted ideas.

Current Profile Picture

By JackPR

Fan art tallot card featuring me in it, by JackPr.

Clan Logo of my clan, MastersClan 2nd generation.

My Rank-Up Upgrades

  • Sparkling Eel- Legendary
  • Dual Shotguns- Epic

A more updated biography of me

I am a tyrannosaurus rex that is 14 after being reborn. Sparkling Eel and Overseer are my best buddies. This is the FANDOM that I made my account on, and the one that made me introduce Discord, which very much impacted my life. I am very very active on Discord, not so much on the wiki now. If you didn't know, I am trying to go for becoming a intern and promoting to a sentinel here on this wiki. A lot of people think I am a tyrannical person but that is not true.

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