My loadout (it will sometimes change) Ultimatum (coz why not, although sometimes I switch between Gift stitcher and Devastator) Cracker gun (for some reason, it can 1 shot with lvl 7 modules if all bullets hit) Heroic epee (mainly for healing) Poison darts (insane poison damage) Spiritual rile (X-ray, although sometimes i also use third eye) Demolition exoskeleton (for rocket jump and killing due to the projectiles being debugged)

I also play Geometry dash, Minecraft, Clash Royale (inactive), and other games you may/may not know about.

The funny thing is though, my Geometry dash takes up more space on my iPad then Pixel gun 3d and Minecraft combined. My Geometry dash takes up 4 GB of space.

4 FREAKING GB! Not even Pixel gun 3d or Minecraft takes up that much space!

Perhaps it’s the junk levels on Geometry dash that eats up my space.

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