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This is removed content. It is no longer available in Pixel Gun 3D.
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War, has changed...

—David "Solid Snake", 2014

Pixel gun, has changed over a 1.5 year period, ever since the era of the battle pass started, tons of weapons were added to the game. Now there's sweats in every lobby, which makes it tough for casuals to grind and stuff, and ngl I'm slowly losing my cling of interest to this game. At least I can test my weapons in peace in the Polygon without having to go to a private server and risk losing a tournament....

Respects paid to:

ItsThe LavaCreeper (first buddy I met on this wiki)



DJ MC 05

Gordon Can





also, visit my "clone?" here, Akawhosedeadshot

stuff im working on \/


Doesnt matter, but here's my first discussion post

another achievement that got me 18th place

1000th edit in this wiki gg

I used to be on the ldrboard (no one cares) Gotta get back tho

art by DJ MC 05 c, 2019

The day I bought the meta rifle, c, Sept, 2019

pointless pics down here

victory screeeeeeeeeeech

First ever win on pro league

idk why i put this image here, but i think all you memers know why

why did i waste time photographing this only true mgs fans will understand why

What I got after winning

almost there, but nobody cares

remember when pg3d was p2w in late 2018/early 2019

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