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—Pixelgunner999 said, as he spammed his way through the other players

Hello <insert name here>, I'm PG Ender 999. I'm an above-average Level 65 3 cat spammer, and these are some of my stats. Hope you all enjoy reading, and feel free to leave a message on my Message Wall if you have any questions or comments!

How I Started Playing Pixel Gun 3D

I started playing in 2017, like when team strike and the leagues system were released. So I've been playing for a pretty long time. Now I'll tell you how I found out about pg3d. Since I I like Minecraft, I searched for " pixel gun games" in google play, and this came up. So, I installed it and tried it out. I thought it was pretty fun, so I kept playing until finally, I reached lvl 65. I changed my username a couple times, but finally settled on the name Happy Stalker 999. I joined this random person's clan called !!! and soon got promoted to clan officer. But honestly, the clan's kinda sucky, there's barely anyone active.

Learning 3 Cat Spam

I watched some YT videos of pg3d, and I came across something called "3 Cat Spam." So I practiced it and got better and better. I sometimes cat spam, but I'm mostly a casual player.



Back up


  • Super Drill - Chainsaw+High mobility+Disable jumps=awesome melee!
  • Combat Yo-Yo - Great for 3 cat spam and one of my favorite melees!


  • Poison Darts - Great for 3 cat spam
  • Laser Bouncer - Upgraded it to lvl 65, so it's a 1-2 shot now. I also use this for 3 cat spam, but I use poison darts more often


  • Anti-Champion Rifle - One of my favorite snipers (although I dislike the fact that it's overused). I use it for 3 cat spam
  • Prototype S - I also use this for 3 cat spam, but I use ACR more often. I like that the PS's fire rate is faster though


  • Meteorite Destroyer - Not for kills, but SUPER FUN to use. The manual guidance is definitely its best attribute.
  • Piranha - TOO! TOO! TOO! TOO! TOO! TOO! Awesome heavy to confuse your enemies, because when the rockets hit they explode into lots of smoke.
















How I Quit PG3D And Joined Back Again

So I played for about a year, but then I was bored of the game and deleted it. I played Minecraft for the rest of the year and didn't play pg3d. But when I heard from my friends who also play pg3d that there were new updates, I couldn't resist to check them out. I immediately reinstalled pg3d and started playing again. But once again, I got eventually got bored. That's when I found out about a game called Block City Wars. It was similar to pg3d, so I tried it out. One thing I liked right away was the HUGE map. And did I mention vehicles? They've got everything: Cars, trucks, tanks, helicopters, the possibilities were endless! But soon I realized the graphics weren't as good. So, I went back to pg3d, and there were many new updates. This time, I didn't stop. So that's how I got here, a Level 65 above-average player.

I Like Minecraft Animations

Songs of War, one of the best Minecraft animations created by Black Plasma Studios.

I like almost all Minecraft animations, but Black Plasma Studios animations are the best! I especially like Songs of War (SoW) and Derp animations. Thalleous Sendaris from Songs of War was one of the main characters. Even though he was killed by Tygren Voltaris, he was still a great hero in Songs of War. When I first started watching Derp animations, I thought The Derp was some noob who's a failure at life. But when I watched the animation Blocking Dead, he was the only one surviving after the zombie apocalypse, and ngl, he has some serious skills.

Fish, a Derp animation created by Black Plasma Studios.

I Like Memes

I like memes. I even made my own meme weapon! Scroll to the bottom of the page.

You Can Friend Me

My username is Happy Stalker 999. But if I don't know who you are I won't accept your request. Please tell me who you are on the wiki and then I'll friend you.


So yeah, I got up to max Level 65 and became a 3 cat spammer.

Thanks for reading my profile! I hope you enjoyed!

Yeahs MLG Doritos my favorite

MLG Mountain Dew oh yeah pair this with MLG Doritos (see above)

Your good ol' Cringles

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