My image.

Dragon Hepi Art work by me


Hey there <insert name here>, my name is Victus, or Hepi

I am a Sentinel(Content moderator/staff) in this wiki, and I am here to help anyone if they need it ;).

More Info at bottom:

My favourite weapon: Digital Sunrise

My favourite pet: Armadillo

My favourite map: classic pool party

My level: 65

My kill rate: 2.23

My favourite thing about pg3d HEPI!

3 facts about myself

  1. I like hepi
  2. I like food
  3. I like editing this wiki ;)

I really like to edit on this wiki, I am pretty new and I joined April 6th but I am getting used to this.

My favorite Youtuber is Bridger5-------------------------------------------------->

I also like to go and chat with my friends on discord. I am usually on the pg3d server.

If anyone has any questions about me or if anyone wants to message me, message on my message wall ;).

Recommended pages:

  1. Digital Sunrise
  2. Ultimatum
  3. Anti-Champion Rifle
  4. Staff
  5. Promotion
  6. Heavy
  7. Tools

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