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The list below is incredibly outdated. I would put the Big Buddy, the Trapper, and the Smart Bazooka in here though. A few others keep their place as well (showing no true balances from typical RiliSoft)

Top 10 Strongest Weapons (in my opinion)

I was bored so I made this. (This list was made before any recent balancing updates)

10. Storm Hammer

A very powerful melee weapon that takes almost no aim, as this has area damage... Most melee weapons in any game wouldn't have area damage. (Don't know if Chainsaw Sword is stronger)

9. Mines Launcher Up1

The mines that go out of this weapon can block bullets, and it will almost always hit you, taking off a bar of health each. Forgot to mention, it has a spamming type of feel because of its fire rate. Avoid when possible.

8. Sunrise

With a 24 capacity, powerful lethality, and 120 mobility, anyone with Sniper Boots Up2 is unstoppable with this weapon.

7. Dual Hawks

Please remove the scope...

6. Secret Forces Rifle

It might look like your average assault rifle, but it's quite destructive in this game when paired with a Storm Trooper Cape Up2 and a Burning Tiara. Easily get monster kills in only a few seconds (still takes basic aim though), and is the popular primary weapon choice.

5. Freeze Ray Rifle Up2 / Dragon Breath Up1 / Solar Ray Rifle Up2

These laser weapons aren't really used by anyone anymore, but they are still ridiculously powerful today. All of them would be tied here.

4. Prototype Up2 / Laser Crossbow Up2 / Laser Bouncer Up1 / Laser Bow Up1 / Anti-Hero Rifle Up2 / you get the point

All of these weapons can one-shot anyone with one headshot. The old saying, "One shot, one kill" would apply to these weapons, but there's a twist; the accuracy does not change on any of these. So basically, you can noscope and still get a kill ridiculously easily. Even the Prototype Up1 can get a full 1-shot to adamant armor, and it's not even maxed.

3. Solar Power Cannon Up2 / Armageddon Up2 / Pumpkin Thrower Up2 / all 2 shot explosive weapons

In most games, you would have some sort of rocket launcher with a very low amount of ammo, with the capability of doing massive damage. That's not the case here... You can pick up ammo ALL DAY LONG. When paired with high jump, this brings the next generation of unskilled players who bring one of these guns to the battlefield. The strongest out of all of these would be the Solar Power Cannon, just because of its unfair capacity.

2. Ka-Boom! / Toy Bomber Up2

I bet you thought there'd be only one weapon here. Sorry, I messed up my numbering ;3;

These two are basically Mines Launchers on drugs. All I have to say.

1. Big Buddy Up2 / Trapper Up1

I guess I gotta put 2 weapons in 1st place. The Trapper would beat the Big Buddy, though.

Ever since they added upgrades to the Big Buddy, it has been mayhemic. It can fully 1-shot anyone they see. It's like a complete replacement of the grenade. The Trapper doesn't even need an explanation, we all know it can also get ridiculous amounts of 1-shot kills. The only ways people could've survived from these back then were to use a Berserk Mask or Hitman Boots. Pretty glad they added in that Burning Tiara though.

Honorable mentions:

Assault Machine Gun Up2 / Icicle Minigun Up2

One of the better guns out there, yet you see so few of these.

Dead Star Up1

A very good area damage pistol, but wasn't strong enough for this list.

Chainsaw Sword Up1

Haven't seen too many spammers with this, so I can't really judge this weapon. Heard it's OP though.

Alien Gun

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Thanks for reading this random thing I made! Feel free to use this info.

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