aka idk

  • I live in Searching for Ezra Bridger
  • I was born on July 9
  • My occupation is Mandalorian
  • I am idk

Hey there, I’m T1Crossfire, a Discussions Moderator on the PG3D wiki.

In PG3D, I am an avid fan of snipers and heavies, my two favourite weapons being Overseer and Destruction System. I usually work on the new Battle Pass and event weapon pages, being someone that’s always around for special limited-time events. Funny how I never test the actual weapons though.

I also Three Category Spam, which is a playstyle I’ve been in to since Alucard first invented it. I stopped playing three days before Operation SNOW ended, and I came back in March 2019 only to find my old account lost :( I’ve got a pretty good account now though!

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