Hey there, <insert name here>

  • My favorite map is: Parkour City 3019!
  • I have 100000+ total kills and 20,000+ total wins in Pixel gun 3d!
  • I am Max level.
  • My favorite YouTuber is PewDiePie!
  • My Kill/ Death rate in Pixel gun is 3.45.
  • I like Reapers and Galaxy. So my skin is a Galaxy Reaper!
  • I also like the gingerbread skin.
  • I edit pages and contribute on this wiki.
  • My accuracy is terrible.
  • I am in Pro League.
  • I am a mod in this wiki!

My skin in Pixel Gun 3D

Weapon Setups

These are my favorite weapons! This is my normal setup!

Primary- Ultimatum, Viking, Christmas Sprit, Last Squeak

Back Up- Triple Musket, Laser Cycler, Peppermint Gaurdians

Melee- Moon Halberd, candy axe, sword of shadows

Special- Necklace Of the Ice King, Poison Darts

Sniper- Masterpiece Musket, and 10 other broken snipers.

Heavy- Dark Mage Wand, Christmas Ultimatum, Royal Ashbringer

Favourite Games

Just Pixel Gun 3D because that the only game that I find fun.

UPDATE JAN 7 2020: I am getting bore of pixel gun so i am not gonna play it as much.

So my favorite game is Call of Duty Mobile! Wanna add me? Username: Trilexter

My Favorite and go to weapon.

My all time favorite weapon is Ultimatum. One shot kill. Yes, I am a Try Hard.


Also Ultimatum auto reloads, is great for 3 cat spamming, and looks very cool.

I love the futuristic theme on it. I spent $15 bucks just to get this. Best weapon ever =D

Youtube Channel

Subscribe to my Channel! (or I won’t make any money) Link-https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCB3aHt1eqc0xZJmQta7Zl_g

Favourite Meme



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