aka ABC

  • I live in Somewhere Above the Rainbows
  • I was born on August 5
  • My occupation is A Person
  • I am Male


Officially inactive in both - PG3D does not interest me anymore. (Updated: 3-21-2018)

When Did I Start?

Hello, {{{l<insert name here>}}}, I am a PG3D fan, starting on January-February 2015. My friend showed me this game, and my first words on this game was, "Ooh, triple kill! What's that?" JOIN ME AND MY FRIEND'S CLAN (BLEACH IS COOL)

Btw I didn't make that title Ian did ^^^
PG3D Profile

That's Me! (10.0.0 Update)

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My iPhone Account

Weapons I Use

The Current Set (Standard):

P- Crystal Laser Cannon or Casanova

B- Dead Star

M- Dark Force Saber

S- Anti-Hero Rifle Up2

SP- Freeze Ray Rifle Up2 or Tactical Tomahawk

PR- Easter Bazooka

C- My Cape

B- Berserk Boots Up2

M-Demolition Mask Up2

H-Burning Tiara

Other Stuff About Me

  • I like to draw
    • I especially like to draw monkeys (BTD Style)
    • I also like to draw and design weapons (Sometimes Pixel Gun Style)
    • I also like to draw monkeys wielding weapons. (Artwork coming soon!)
  • I am Chinese.
  • 90% of the time when I play a new game-after about 10 minutes of playing a new game, I totally mastered it.
  • I've been playing games (Well, computer) since I was four. (BORN GAMER :P )
  • Me and my friend are glitch finders.
    • Before Capes and Boots were removed in Deadly Games, I found a glitch to give you lots of armor, about 3x more health than others
    • My friend found the first glitch of 11.0.0, a lucky box exploit to give infinite boxes. (September 14, 2016 - The only other glitch about 11.0.0 so far was not glitch, but an online hack :P) The first video of the glitch was uploaded on the 17th.

Signature (Thnx Aaron)

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