My top 9 list of best pg3d sniper rifles

1- Sniper Dude

Best casual sniper no doubt. it has low capacity very fast fire rate and can one shot regular armor.

2- Harsh Punisher / Mythical Heavy Sniper Rifle

With good mods you can litterally one shot body shot steel clan armor. Slow reload and average fire rate.

3- Morgana

One shots gold and wood clan armor to the body. It has low capacity though and a fire rate of 69 lol.

4- Conductor of Souls

Practically a worse version of the morgana.

5- Project Marlin

Gay attributes though. X-Ray, Ricochet, Laser, Piercing Shot. Doesn't one shot body shot wood clan armor with level 10 modules...

6- Under Water Carbine

No comment. This is worse than Project Marlin but still pretty good.

7- Digital Sunrise

It got nerfed but it's still pretty darn good. One shot body shots regular armor but not any clan armor unless you have good mods.

8- Portalium Rifle

Godly because it has no input delay although it's a laser. The full set ability isn't fair though...

9- Anti Champion Rifle

It's still good but the new snipers are just too good.

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