New Features

  • Added strategies for Campaign Maps.
  • Added card for the skin contest winner on the main page. It will only show up for one week.
  • Added "Popularity" and "Level Required" in maps.
  • Added infoboxes for eggs.
  • We are starting to make separated pages of craft items.
  • Added reply lists.

Other Changes

  • Finalized the new categorization in Weapons, Maps, Wear, Gadgets and Accessories.
  • The Pixel Gun Conception Wiki is almost done. It only needs a few more features, then we will finally publish the wiki to you.
  • Added the |link= parameter to all of the status files in navboxes, so that people will no longer accidentally click on the files.
  • Unprotected some pages.
  • Modernized the toolbar look.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issue where navboxes performed badly.
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